Read this when you’re down.
SF Ali

A serendipitous post. Thank you for this. I made a call, a bad one at that and now I’ve to learn to live with the consequences of my poor choice. For a moment I believed that my life is “over”. And then I re-read his last text message to me. He asked me three things:

  1. When will you start to be positive?
  2. When will you start to have faith in yourself? To trust yourself?
  3. When will you stop underestimating yourself? Your self-worth?

Then he said something that really hit me, “if you can’t answer these questions, then no one can help you.”

After re-reading that, I started to refresh my Medium dash and this appeared like God wanted me to know that he’s right and by he, I really meant him and obviously God. But sometimes, you don’t see things for what it is, not unless it’s being shown to you through someone else — in this case, you, SF Ali.

Every word in this piece, is exactly what he said to me. Last night. When we first got to know each other. While we were together. They’re exactly the same things only phrased differently. I was blind then, but not anymore.

So, yeah, this piece helped me a little. I’m sure, it’ll help me a lot more when I’ve drilled it into my head — your words and more importantly his.

Thank you for the reminder. You’re Godsend. Both of you.

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