Socially Awkward

Social media is a world of its own and different platforms are basically nations. At least that’s how it works here in Malaysia, and the five biggest ones are:


Twitterverse is where the majority population of SJWs are, and also trolls. But most folks, like me, go there to rant.

Facebook is where all the Twitter jokes are taken too seriously, then gets into the hands of the older generations trying stay up-to-date although a week too late. Facebook is how most millennials gets into trouble, including run-ins with the law and government.

Instagram is where all the happy people with beautifully curated grids of all the amazing things they’ve done, tasty morsels they’ve tasted and scenic locations they’ve been to, are.

Snapchat is for the youngins imho. Didn’t spend as much of my time although I still have an account but I’m not active enough to bother especially now that Instagram have Story feature.

Tumblr is where the artist, and darksiders, converge. It’s also where those who appear to be this or that on other social media platforms get outed as someone nobody would’ve expected them to be. Either that or their many selfies everywhere else gets exploited — you get the gist.

Now, due to all these differences, I’m starting to think that we’re living in virtual parallels. I know peeps who are super fun and friendly on Instagram but when it comes to Twitter and Facebook for example, s/he’s a complete nutter with a lot of angst.

I guess in a way there’s nothing wrong with that. Each social platform serves a different purpose and how you use them depends entirely on you.

What I have issues with is how people dictate how one should be when they’re online in the sense that if they’re “liberal” or a semi-SJW then they’re not because you have to choose a side or don’t choose at all. Neutrality is not recognised apparently, particularly on Twitter, at least based on my observation and personal experience.

And on Facebook, for most of us, we tend to filter ourselves because of the crowd that converges there. Mostly family and friends we decide to stay connected with but never talk to.

But everything’s fine and dandy on Instagram. While the funniest sh*t happens on Snapchat, so unless you caught the show then you’ve probably missed out on a good laugh.

It’s honestly amazing how different we are and that’s just on social media alone. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if we’re all a little crazy or just multi-faceted.

Social media has been a good way for me to observe people, and in a way learn about myself too. But it’s also proven to be quite an addiction. For some it’s their reality because the line is blurred, especially for those with the habit of being a bully online while claiming to be the complete opposite — decent human being in real life.

I don’t know about others but I see social media as an extension of who we really are in real life. It’s how we virtually interact but still, it is us doing all the interactions. The thinking is still us, not anyone else.

Sure, my logic is undeniable but I think it’s what keeps me grounded(?) because I am fully aware of what I choose to share or don’t, and I am accountable for it — in the sense that I will take full responsibility for any harm done virtually.

Now, my question is:

Is it wrong to have this mentality online? Did I not get the memo on “anonymity” giving me the right to be an asshole — that being one of my many other multiple personalities?