Taken for Granted

She, Him, You, Me, Everyone.

It’s easy to take things for granted, but even more so with people. As humans, we crave recognition. We want to be appreciated, and even though we say we don’t want to be in the limelight, we still hope someone notices. I know I do.

But that’s the thing, we’re all a bunch of walking contradictions. We say one thing when we really meant another. So yeah, it’s not a girl only thing. It’s everybody’s thing. Girls do it, guys do it too. There’s no need to get critical about it because we’re just being human.

Let’s not kid ourselves though, whenever we do something we do want to get something in return. A thank you, a compliment, a smile, a phone number, a praise, a raise…whatever, as long as you get to reap what you sow. The efforts you put in, you expect to receive the benefits.

But others being humans too, they’re bound to well have the idea that “oh it’s okay, she’s doing it because she wants to” or “she’s doing it because she has to”. It goes both ways, back and forth. This is how we take people for granted.

We forget the very basis of who we are, of how we’re designed, of what we’re made for. Deny it all we want but the truth is we want to belong, be accepted, loved. Take this truth for granted and we’ll continue to deny one another the very things we deserve. Take this truth for granted, and we’ll take each other for granted.