The Pursuit of Sanity

In the world of strategic chaos and creative mayhem.

Someone wise told me that I should find a hobby, something outside of work that’ll keep me sane. Okay, so technically I can’t quite recall what his exact words were and that conversation was deleted because I’ve this no saving conversations policy to avoid attachment of sorts.

But anyway, the topic came about because silly old me kept forgetting how small Malaysia is, especially if one is in the advertising circle. So long story short, someone I currently work with is a buddy of this someone wise that I’d often consult when it comes to work related stuff.

So, this guy and his buddy (that other someone I work with) were in this DJ coalition thing called PublicSchool. which y’all need to check out by the way. This side gig of theirs is, according to this someone wise, what keeps them sane — although I have a feeling it’s just another thing that he’s (okay they’re both) passionate about.

Still, I get the sentiment.

Staying sane is important in an industry that’s ever so demanding. Hence, a hobby — something that you can commit to when you’ve got some free time on your hand makes for a great escape.

My only problem is that my passion, my hobby, my job
— they’re all one and the same.

To be honest, the only other things I enjoy doing that would actually keep me sane are being by myself, sleeping, and travelling — all of which I cannot afford to do at the moment. I mean, sure, I sleep. But just enough to keep me going the next day. And while I technically am always on my own, I kinda have always wanted to be by myself in the most literal sense of being like living alone, travelling solo and basically just single player mode all the way.

Yeah, that last bit sounds rather absurd coming from someone who also happens to talk a lot about relationship and love but honestly, I’d love that more than anything else.

I think what I really need is a sense of peace, because with clarity comes sanity? I honestly don’t know exactly, however, peace sounds like a good thing to have in all the madness that is work and all the chaos that is life.

I guess everyone searches for that balance so that they won’t tip over to the side that’ll drag them down into the depths of God knows what nightmare awaits. And in the case of ad people, avoiding our untimely demise for as long as we can — at least that’s just how I see it.

So, yeah, work is important — necessary to some extent. Don’t overexert yourself, lest you’ll lose so much more than you bargained for.

Stay sane so you could strike a balance, find your peace.