Weekly CSS Illustrations

Hola :)

I decided to join Medium last week, and at the same time launch a personal project I’ve been wanting to get started with, but as sometimes happens, only procrastinated it.

I’ve seen many others come up with daily challenges to improve their front-end skills, such as CSS or JS. And it’s been a while I wanted to challenge myself as well, but never found the time, and ideas kept coming.

Just yesterday, I gave myself time for it and decided to do it weekly. Currently I have no time to challenge myself with such project every day. But 7 days sounded like a reasonable time to craft something. Step by step, to have a tangible result at the end of the week.

I am a freelance Web Designer and Front-End Developer. But even before I ended up in this business, since my teenage time I‘ve had a passion and liking for illustrations.

Nonetheless, never had talent for drawing in paper. Even if I did try. I also used Illustrator for some time to explore my illustration ideas, and the outcome was better than drawing, but still, usually it would take me too long to handle those vectors. However, as I started to code more, I realized I could get my illustrations ideas done much faster and way better visually speaking.

Therefore, I started a series of weekly CSS Illustrations. A personal journey to improve and yet fasten my illustration skills, as well as my modular HTML and CSS architecture.

You can follow my quest at CodePen or Instagram.

On and off you’ll find something extra in my illustrations. If I have the time, this would be either a fun animation or a fully responsive illustration.

Hope you can enjoy the trip, as much as I’m already enjoying working on it.

Below you’ll find my first #weeklyCSS illustration, “Cactus Life”.

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