Ilium, building a decentralized future

3 min readNov 22, 2021


From the beginning of our journey to today, Ilium moves forward to develop solutions that lead to the mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. These are the next innovations that will change and rule the world. We are committed to guide you through the understanding of these new concepts, unveiling the path to a massive paradigm shift to the new world that lies beyond.

The road so far

Founded in 2017, Ilium is a French company that has started its activity by setting up a cryptocurrency mining company specialized in Ethereum and Bitcoin mining. It was the first milestone of its young life.

One year later, Ilium’s ambition grew and the company stepped up the pace by developing the very first French mining pool on Ethereum named Cruxpool. This project delivers solutions and services to those who wish to create a stable income with cryptocurrencies. Mining is at the core of many crypto projects and while its form may vary, it is a crucial component for the success of blockchain technology. At the core of Cruxpool is the idea that the best way to get cryptocurrencies is to produce them, and that it should be accessible to anyone so that our users could start mining quickly and make a stable and predictive revenue with our solution.

In 2019, Cruxpool continued its development and launched its Ethereum Classic pool. In addition to that, Ilium recruited 4 crypto-enthusiasts to the team. The momentum persisted in 2020 thanks to the addition of Ravencoin and Beam in the initial mining offer. As our mining infrastructure grew more complex, we also brought new technical talents in our adventure in order to face the complexity of this industry. With almost 20 people today, we are ready for the next challenge and eager to propose new solutions and new offers for our users to benefit from cryptocurrencies.

Our vision and ambitions for the future

We think that it is never too late to enter the fabulous world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Yet, blockchain will be inevitable within the next 10 years, so this is your opportunity to get acquainted with crypto, mining, staking, and everything the blockchain has already brought us . Like the Internet set new standards for communication, cryptocurrencies will change the way we exchange and transfer assets and information.

Ilium has been actively working for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies for the past 4 years relentlessly. We want to support anybody who can have an interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, from the newcomers and curious to the enthusiasts. Our ambition is to be by your side and welcome you to the overwhelming and vast world of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

We want to provide solutions and create opportunities for people to understand, trust and use cryptocurrencies on a daily basis in order to improve their own wealth. Together, we can contribute and build a decentralized future.

What is next for Ilium?

With the recent addition of 10 new colleagues, Ilium continues its growth and is on several projects and features for its services. On the mining side, ERGO and FIRO will be added to the mining offer on Cruxpool. The most important upgrade will be the development of a staking solution for Ethereum 2.0. Due to Ethereum developers’ move to change its validation method from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake, we must adapt and deliver new staking solutions that can benefit all crypto-enthusiasts that are using our service.

Several other projects will be released during 2022 and we cannot wait to present them. With these many objectives, our vision is that ILIUM will be at the forefront of blockchain and cryptocurrencies technologies and play its part in the making of a decentralized future.




We believe that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will shape the world of tomorrow.