BEWARE Of The HAMAL’S ! Exposing ILive Records Nepal, Bullman Records & Jet Set PR(JPR) Events Organizers

6 min readJul 7, 2023

In a world where trust can be easily exploited, it becomes crucial to be aware of the cunning conmen who prey on unsuspecting individuals. These fraudsters, operating within a network of deceit, leave a trail of shattered dreams and financial ruin. By shedding light on their deceptive tactics, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from their dirty and too-good-to-be-true schemes. Following, we will expose a concert-curating entertainment company, their members (Sunil Hamal, Adita Hamal Neogi, and Tony Hamal) and their foul schemes.

Sunil Hamal


Exposing The Concert Curating Entertainment Company:

Within this elaborate network of conmen, there exists a concert-curating entertainment company, known by @ilive_nepal on Instagram, that acts as a front for their fraudulent activities. The network, led by three key members — Sunil Hamal, Adita Hamal Neogi, and Tony Hamal — has been notorious for weaving intricate lies and deceiving innocent people.

The HAMAL network has attracted significant legal attention due to its involvement in check bounce incidents and fraudulent activities. Notably, two cases against them have been registered in Lucknow court and one case in Mohali court. Their actions have caused immense financial distress and emotional turmoil for their victims.

This con network has created numerous issues, primarily revolving around their failure to compensate artists and the production team. Despite working with renowned names like DJ Shadow and King, the network has neglected its obligation to remunerate these talented individuals for their contributions. This failure to pay artists not only violates their agreements but also demonstrates a lack of respect for their creative efforts and undermines their livelihoods.

Furthermore, the network’s non-payment extends beyond the artists alone; it encompasses the production team as well. The dedicated individuals who work behind the scenes to bring these projects to life have been left without their rightful compensation. This omission not only disregards the labour and expertise invested by the production team but also reveals a pattern of unethical behaviour within the network.

Background -

Sunil Hamal, a key member of this network, has gained notoriety for his role in orchestrating fraudulent schemes. He uses his skills in deception to exploit individuals’ desires for success, happiness, and lucrative opportunities. Sunil Hamal preys on the vulnerabilities of innocent victims, employing carefully crafted narratives and persuasive techniques to lure them into his web of lies. His actions have left many emotionally and financially devastated.

  • He is the founder of ILive Records Nepal and has been involved in the music industry in Nepal. Leading ILive Records Nepal since March 2023, based in Kathmandu, Bāgmatī, Nepal, Sunil Hamal aims to discover emerging talents. However, concerns have been raised about the practices and reputation of ILive Records under his leadership.
  • As the founder of ILive Records Nepal since November 2022, Sunil Hamal has organized concerts in Kathmandu, Bāgmatī, Nepal. Yet, there have been instances of disappointment due to false promises and mismanagement of events associated with ILive Records Nepal.
  • In October 2021, Sunil Hamal founded IPOP STARS, aspiring to introduce the first Indian ipop girl group. However, questions have been raised about the actual impact and sustainability of this initiative in promoting talented female artists in the ipop genre.
  • In addition, Sunil Hamal founded Bullman Records in March 2021 in Delhi, India. While the label claims to nurture and promote musicians, concerns have been raised regarding unfulfilled promises and questionable practices associated with Bullman Records.
  • Since January 2004, Sunil Hamal has served as the CMD/CEO of Jpr Events based in Singapore. Jpr Events presents itself as an organizer of concerts, artist management, movies, festivals, music management, and clubs. However, some individuals have expressed dissatisfaction with the execution and delivery of these events and services.
  • With his prior experience as a navigating officer at Acomarit (UK) Ltd in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom from August 1996 to August 2002, Sunil Hamal gained insights into the maritime industry.

While Sunil Hamal has made contributions in the music and event management sectors, it is important to consider varying perspectives and conduct further research. Concerns have been raised regarding the practices and reputation of the companies under his leadership, indicating the need for a critical evaluation.

Associated Scamming Ventures By Sunil Hamal, Adita Hamal Neogi, and Tony Hamal

In addition to their primary operations, Sunil Hamal, along with Adita Hamal Neogi and Tony Hamal, run various events and ventures, such as ILive Event, ILive Records Nepal, Bullman Records, etc. All are associated with scamming innocent people.

  • ILive Records Nepal: Operating under the guise of an event management company, ILive Records Nepal entices individuals with promises of exclusive experiences and memorable events. However, many who have fallen victim to their deceptive practices have been left disappointed, their hopes dashed by false promises and financial losses.
  • ILive Event: Similarly, ILive Event presents itself as a platform for extraordinary gatherings and memorable occasions. Sadly, it has been linked to fraudulent activities, causing harm to unsuspecting individuals who were drawn in by the allure of its promises.
  • Bullman Records: This music-related venture within the Conmen network preys on the dreams and aspirations of aspiring artists. Through false promises, exploitation, and financial manipulation, Bullman Records has left many musicians devastated, their hopes for a breakthrough shattered.
  • JPR Events (Jet Set PR): JPR Events (Jet Set PR) presents an image of glamour and sophistication, enticing individuals with promises of prestigious connections and exclusive opportunities. However, behind the glossy exterior lies a network of deception, leaving victims deceived, financially exploited, and emotionally shattered.

Below social channels/email IDs are also handled by this network -

This network of conmen has mastered the art of deception, employing various tactics to scam innocent victims. They prey on individuals’ desires for success, happiness, and lucrative opportunities, exploiting their vulnerabilities for personal gain. With carefully crafted narratives and persuasive techniques, they lure victims into their web of lies, leaving them emotionally and financially devastated.

Wrapping Up:

We have exposed a concert-curating entertainment company and its associated ventures that operate within a network of conmen, led by Sunil Hamal, Adita Hamal Neogi, and Tony Hamal. These fraudsters have been notorious for scamming innocent people with false promises, exploitation, and financial manipulation. They have left a trail of shattered dreams, emotional distress, and financial ruin for their victims by running multiple deceitful events — like JPR Events (Jet Set PR), etc.

This is just one example of the many scams that exist in the world today. There are countless others like Sunil Hamal who prey on unsuspecting individuals, exploiting their trust and vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is imperative to be aware and alert of such deceptive practices and protect yourself and your loved ones from falling victim to them. By exercising caution, conducting thorough research, seeking legal guidance, and reporting suspicious activities, you can safeguard your financial well-being and avoid being scammed by cunning conmen.