A Token Swap is a means of exchange, during which one or more tokens are exchanged for another token in the equivalent of the same or similar total value. It starts on August 8, 2017 at 7 a.m. GMT.

About COSS

COSS stands for Crypto One Stop Solution, and represents a platform which aims to encompass all features of a digital economical system based on cryptocurrency. COSS has been launched in the Beta Version on the 1st of April, 2017 with a Payment Gateway/POS for online and offline stores allowing Merchants to accept payments for their services in various cryptocurrencies, and a fully-operational Crypto Exchange. So far, these are the two most important features of COSS, that is currently integrating many the 3rd-party providers, who will offer their services through COSS.

COSS is designed as a living project with infinite possibilities for extension, aimed to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses by adopting and facilitating all the existing crypto- and the blockchain-related services and products into a user-friendly, intuitive and easy-to-use environment.

The number of customers and merchants listed on the COSS marketplace is constantly increasing, and currently counts 150 Merchants and over 1000 users. COSS has an international team spread many locations across the world from Singapore (the managing board) to New York (branches) and Bucharest, Romania (Development Team).


The main goal of COSS is bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses. What COSS aims to cater to its users is a complete and seamless experience of accessing the available cryptocurrency services and products in the same place. From the very first moment a customer decides to use cryptocurrency he/she is guided through the platform and its features. Protected from any unwanted negative experience, the user will continuously find the new possibilities to use the platform and to interact on it.

By means of this integrative approach to virtual currency services, the COSS platform aims to become the most preferred medium, familiarizing the COSS customers with the cryptocurrencies and the ways of using them. For this purpose, the COSS platform is equipped with its own token, a wallet, an exchange, a merchant platform, payment gateway / POS and a list of features that are closely related to the use of crypto.


The COSS team is visionary in the way it approaches the development of the Crypto-One-Stop-Solution. On the track to the massive cryptocurrency adoption do not allow the limiting belief systems to interfere with the development of the COSS platform. accept the changes that the rapidly-evolving technologies bring, and welcome innovation on any and every level.

plan success with determination and implement it into strategy that implies the following steps:

providing for all the cryptocurrency users’ needs via one-stop-solution services;
rewarding users for bringing new merchants and affiliates on board;
establishing a marketplace, where cryptocurrency users and merchants can meet each other seamlessly;
issuing tokens with real value;
expanding the network of customers by providing the high-quality services;
enhancing the security of the system;
adopting the disruptive innovations.

ICO Details

The COSS token is a revenue-generating cryptocurrency, developed on the Ethereum public Blockchain as an ERC20 Token, that enables its holders to receive revenues in the form of transaction fees charged by the COSS system for cryptocurrency transactions. COSS has the nomination COSS and has 8 digits after the decimal point (e.g. 0.12345678 COSS). By using the ERC20 standard, we enable the currency to be stored and transferred to and from many ERC20-compatible wallets

Payout Structure: According to the company’s bylaws, each week 50% of the transaction fees collected by COSS through the Payment Gateway/POS and the Crypto Exchange, will be distributed to the COSS token holders.

Symbol: COSS

ICO Schedule: August 8 — September 6, 2017

Total Supply Token: 200,000,000 COSS

ICO bonus: 25%

Token Price: 600 COSS = 1 ETH

Funds Distribution Plan:

  • 50% — IT Development, User Experience, Roadmap Completion
  • 25% — Mergers and Acquisitions
  • 10% — Marketing Plan
  • 10% — Operations
  • 5% — Shareholders, Board of Directors, Advisory Board

Escrow System:

All ETH from the Main Token Swap (ICO) that begins on August 8th , 2017 will go into a Multi-Sig Wallet with 3 Signatories.

The Release Procedure from the Escrowed ETH Wallet will take place annually based on the approved budgeting presented by the COSS Management:

  • 34% — 2018 Budget
  • 33% — 2019 Budget
  • 33% — 2020 Budget



Members :

Dan Cearnau — Team Leader and co-founder
Ioana Frincu — Team Coordinator
Iulian Oprea — Technology Officer
Desmond Sieow — Finance Manager
Rune Evensen — visionary and co-founder
Andrei Popescu — Experience Officer and co-founder
Christopher Bridges — Compliance Officer and co-founder
Andras Kristof — Analyst Corporate Blockchain
Haarek R. Andreassen — Research and Development Officer
Eystein R. Lyche — Marketing Officer
Manager Fitro Hermawan — User Experience (UX)
Maria Popova — Content Manager

Advisors :

Stefan Neagu — Blockchain Technology
Mike Costache — Strategy / Investment
Tan Kim Song — Financial Advisor
Anson Zeall — Industrial & Community Blockchain
John Bailon — Crypto Adoption Ecosystem Adviser
Miguel Cuneta — Crypto Adoption Ecosystem Adviser
Ionut Scripcariu — Payment Gateway and Card-Solutions
Christian Hagmann — Corporate Strategy Advisor
John Chrissoveloni — Equity and Trade Advisor
Zach Piester — Strategy / Investment
David Zhou Yi — legal counsel
Peter Sundström — Technology Advisor

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