Why Women (and Girls) Should Care About Crypto

Illana Raia
Mar 29, 2018 · 3 min read
Image via Unsplash

It’s all over your news feed and trending everywhere. #Cryptocurrency. #Blockchain. #Bitcoin. #Miners. Invisible, intangible money? No…you’re not trapped in a video game. This is real life…and it’s happening fast.

And to girls and women of all ages…it might be happening without you.

For those new to the vocabulary, cryptocurrency is a digital currency that you can use to conduct transactions online, made secure by encrypted codes that hide your personal info. All transactions are made public in a big, decentralized ledger called the blockchain, making the history easy to see and the data harder to hack.

Stay with us.

Part of what makes crypto so disruptive is that it doesn’t depend on a middleman — a store or a bank — to broker the transaction. Imagine trading on eBay…without needing eBay. Transactions are immediate and direct, without a lot of fees or identifying information given out. Kinda cool. And particularly interesting for women, since anonymity lessens the opportunity for gender discrimination and may offer new ways to close the gender gap.

Are women all over this? Not entirely. According to Bloomberg, 71 percent of all digital currency is owned by men. The New York Times said wait, it’s worse — only 4 to 6 percent of cryptocurrency investors are women. Statistics like these are startling and they need to change. But they also risk overshadowing the very real strides being made by accomplished women in crypto today.

Mogul wants to change the numbers.

Mogul — a global platform enabling millions of women to share and leverage information — knows that when women are excluded from innovative tech in it’s infancy, it’s hard to make up the ground later on.

“Gender disparity in crypto is dangerous,” confirms Mogul CEO Tiffany Pham, “because the early days of an industry are often when fortunes are made — and those big winners then choose whom to invest in and what to build next, launching a cascade of consequences for women.”

Mogul also wants to highlight the women.

So, on April 5th Mogul is hosting “Women in Crypto,” an event designed for women to learn about crypto and map out steps for investing. And they’re bringing out the rock stars. Luminaries from all corners of the crypto world are gathering in NYC to share their experiences and insight, placing women squarely at the forefront of this movement.

Why is this so important? Let’s ask a few of the Summit speakers:

“Blockchain is poised to change the way our economy works at a fundamental, infrastructure level,” explains Amanda Gutterman, CMO of ConsenSys “[and] this type of opportunity to help re-form how the world works doesn’t happen often in human history. The clay is still wet, so let’s roll up our sleeves.”

Sleeves. Rolled.

Kelsey Cole, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Adbank, couldn’t agree more, adding that “In order to truly disrupt the global financial system with crypto, we need more women participating in both the creation of cryptocurrencies, and investment in them. It’s our turn to step up and bring our own seats at the table instead of waiting for men to invite us there.”

In other words, the cryptocurrency industry is moving at the speed of light and Mogul wants no woman — or girl — left behind. Indeed, Mogul believes that high school or college-age is not too young to start learning about this burgeoning field.

Because when material is complicated and technology is developing quickly, early exposure to experts is crucial. And Mogul wants you to be ready when innovation like this streaks across the world. Or across your wallet. It is unacceptable to be left behind because something is too new, too intangible or too complicated to grasp at first blush.

Crypto has the potential to reinvent the way we transact, trade, invest, vote, store medical information and so much more. Granted, there are lots of issues still to be hashed out — how it all gets implemented, scaled, safeguarded and regulated warrants discussion. Smart minds are debating it right now.

You should be there when it happens.

Join Mogul on April 5th — in person or live-stream — and learn about cryptocurrency from the experts. Get a ticket. Get informed. Let’s figure this crypto thing out together.

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