Fuck mold, part 2 — Moving out

If you haven’t read it, here’s the first part of our story.

Here’s the tldr; we need volunteers to help move us out of our house and get it ready for our realtor to stage it for sale. I am planning the Big Move for Saturday, September 23, and Sunday, September 24. I will be there both days to answer questions, help as much as I can (without going into the house) and do yard work requested by our realtor to prep the house for sale in October.

This is the only move we’ll be doing. Anything left behind after we move is staying there. So, we’ll be dividing everything in the house into a few different categories (sorted by how many items are in that specific category):

  1. Stuff we’re throwing away — this includes most upholstered furniture, just about anything not made of metal, glass or ceramic, furniture we don’t want to keep, and things that are easily replaced. Most of the stuff in the house is going to be tossed.
  2. Stuff we’re going to put into storage — this includes things that are difficult or impossible to replace (keepsakes, artwork, memorabilia, heirlooms, and the like) as well as stuff that can be cleaned later (glass, metal, and ceramic items — mostly kitchen equipment). I will be renting a storage unit, and a U-Haul on the day of the move, and will need help to pack the storage unit.
  3. Stuff we’re leaving in the house for staging — the realtor has requested we leave a few items in many of the rooms for staging purposes. I’ll have a list, and will be there to direct and help out however I can.
  4. Stuff we want to try to sell — this is a short list, but we have electronics that can be sold, and a few other things.

Nothing in the house has been packed up — everything is as we left it. So, we will need packing supplies — boxes, tape, newspaper or similar for cushioning delicate items, and so on. If you plan to help and get regular deliveries to your home or office, please save your shipping supplies. Even if you can’t be there, please save your boxes and let me know how I can get them from you.

I’m confident most of the move can be knocked out on Saturday, depending on how many people show up. The move should be simple, given our house is a one floor ranch style, and a lot of what we have is getting thrown out.

Please let me know if you can help on either of those days, even if it’s only for a couple of hours. I’m not expecting anyone to be there the full day either day, but this will go more smoothly the more people we have.

My rough game plan — first, focus on packing the U-Haul. We’re not planning to keep much in storage, and I’ll have the dumpster for a week.

Next, focus on removing stuff we’re throwing away.

Last, pack the few things we want to sell into a single room, and work out a plan for selling them.

Please note — if there’s something we’re planning to throw away and you want to have it, feel free to take it. We have a few nice gardening/yard work tools we won’t be taking with us, and I’d hate for everything in the house to just go to waste.

Once again, I’m planning this move for Saturday, September 23, and Sunday, September 24. If you can help either day, even for a couple of hours, please let me know via email. I’ll put together an invite with details and directions from there.

General update — we’re both still sick. I’m doing much better, but Jessica is still having a hard time of it. We’re looking to get her in to see an allergist, as well as a mold sickness specialist, as soon as we can.

On the bright side, we’re no longer hopping from hotel room to hotel room in full-on panic mode. We’re currently staying with our friends Eli and Michelle, and while we’re both reacting here, it’s a world of difference from how we felt in the hotels. It’s good to be with friends, and with our precious fur baby, David Bowie (who is also doing very well, and has been treated wonderfully by Eli and Michelle).

We’re just trying to get through until our new lease starts on September 29.

It’s still hard, but we’re getting through it. We’ve seen an incredible (and humbling) outpouring of support from friends and family — everyone who has helped, sent a kind note, or otherwise let us know they’re thinking about us has been fantastic.

Seriously, thank you so much. It means the world to both of us to know how many good friends we have.