Fuck mold, part 3 — Moving on

If you haven’t read it, here’s the first part of our story.

And here’s the second part.

Here’s the tldr; this past weekend was our Big Moving Party, and we need more help wrapping things up — likely this weekend and/or next, as we’ll need to have the house empty by October 9th for the realtor. I’m talking final touches here (packing a few more things in the kitchen, clearing out the front room in our house, moving boxes into our storage unit, light cleaning in the house, some possible yardwork). If you can help (either this weekend, next, or both) please email me and let me know.

On to Fuck Mold, Part 3.

This past weekend was the Big Moving Party, only complicated by the facts that Jessica couldn’t go to the house, and I couldn’t go in the house. Here’s a play-by-play of what happened.


Let me set the stage for you on Saturday. I get a ride to the UHaul place with my friend Z, drive to the house, then suit up in a disposable Tyvek suit with a plastic hair net for my hair. The idea here was to keep myself and my clothes as free from mold spores as possible.

If you’ve never helped pack up your house in 90 degree weather wearing an impermeable suit, you should give it a shot sometime.

Z meets me at the house, and then other friends start arriving to help. Full cast of characters:

Chris Zelenak (Z), Miles Sterrett, David Baldwin, David Jones, Matt Hassfurder, Stephanie Klausing, Steve Grossi, Rob Walla, and Jessica’s friend Nancy shows up to start organizing the kitchen, and the garage sale she’ll be holding this coming weekend. A good group of good people.

It’s slow going, especially at first, but everyone manages to get the UHaul packed by 4:30 or so. Plenty of time to get to the storage facility with my friends Matt and Rob, unload the truck, then drop it back off at the UHaul place by 7pm.

My friend Stephanie stays behind to continue packing while Matt, Rob, and I head to the storage facility. There was a lot to pack.

I’ve never driven a 17' truck before, especially not one loaded with thousands of pounds of our belongings, so I’m a little nervous. There’s a reason I chose to drive And my phone is on 1% batter since I forgot to pack a charger, but I’ve been the storage facility before, and I know how to get there. I figure I’m all right.

Then I miss my turn. No big deal, I think. I’ll just turn around.

So I’m heading back down 82nd street with the UHaul when I hit a bump, and the engine dies. I’m trying not to panic, but I’m also blocking the third lane of traffic when the truck slows to a crawl and then stops. The engine is dead, and the starter is silent as a grave when I try the ignition.

Rob shows up to help, then Matt after I call and let him know where we are, and then a couple of guys who help push the truck to the side of the road. I call UHaul road side assistance, and they decide to send a tow truck after the restarting sequence they walk me through doesn’t do anything. Rob, Matt and I hang out in Matt’s car to get out of the heat while we wait for the tow truck to show up.

It’s worth mentioning that at this point we’re less than half a mile from the storage facility. Just hanging out in the parking lot of a Red Lobster, trying to stay cool while we wait for the tow truck. UHaul roadside assistance estimated an hour, so Matt, Rob, and I are hanging out in Matt’s car, just shooting the shit. It’s kind of a weird mix, given I’ve known Matt since I was 11 years old, and Rob was my first boss at my first real job out of college, but whatever. It’s been a weird day.

It’s been a weird month.

Matt leaves to get some drinks from a nearby KFC, and then the tow truck driver shows up. This dude is the angriest grandpa truck driver I’ve ever seen, and I like him immediately. Chain smoking cigarettes, hacking his lungs out, bitching about people driving, obviously annoyed he’s come out here to tow us less than half a mile.

But he does tow us, and we make it to the storage unit. Rob and Matt show up shortly afterwards to help me load the unit up, and then we’re done, and Matt drops me off back at Eli’s house.

And then I realize I forgot to lock the unit. Listen, it’s been a long day at this point. Thankfully, Matt swings back around (pulling a bad ass U-Turn as I’ve heard it said) and we get the unit locked up, then I’m finally done.


I wake up on Sunday in more physical pain than I’ve felt in a long time — just fucking exhausted from running around, wearing the Tyvek suit, lifting, bending, pushing, moving, panicking about the UHaul, the works.

Luckily, Sunday is less eventful than Saturday. Some other friends show up to help (which I coordinate with beforehand, to make sure I’m not going to be there alone):

Tony Dewan, Kyle Shipley, and Neil Ahrendt. Fewer people on Sunday, but most of what’s left is moving big furniture into the garage for the sale, and packing up a smaller set of boxes for the storage unit.

I also get some yardwork done, requested by our realtor, and doing yardwork in 90 degrees wearing the same impermeable suit and hairnet I wore the day prior is just as fun as it sounds. Actually it was OK — I like the heat anyway.

We knock off around 4, and Neil takes me to the storage facility, while Kyle follows. Not much else to say — I’m a bit worried there’s not enough room in the unit, but luckily I remembered incorrectly, and we’re able to get the rest of the boxes stored away.

Neil gives me a ride back to Broad Ripple, and that’s the end of this weekend.

Big Thanks

Huge thanks to everyone who showed up this weekend to help — I don’t know what we’d have done without your help.

So many people came out to help, to pack, to move heavy shit for us, to put up with me when the truck died in the middle of the road, to drive me back to the storage unit when I forgot to lock it, to tell me about what they’ve been up to in between moving boxes labeled “JESSICA — HEAVY” into the truck, and to generally help out however they could.

I’ve said this before, but I can’t say it enough — we have the best friends. You’re all incredible people, and you’ve made a shitty situation a lot more bearable for both of us.

What’s Next

There’s still some work to be done at the house. By my best estimates (and I am fucking rad at estimating) we’re somewhere between 85 and 90% done with the house. Mostly all that’s left is to move a few more boxes into storage that wouldn’t fit into either Kyle or Neil’s car on Sunday, pack a few more things from the kitchen, and clean out the front room with Jessica’s coffee supplies.

After that, some cleaning (nothing heavy duty, we kept a pretty clean house, but the sunroom needs to be vacuumed, the whole house needs to be swept, and surfaces wiped down) and maybe some light yardwork. Leaf raking and so on.

I’m thinking this weekend and/or maybe next. Unfortunately, I will not be able to be there either weekend (due to fears of cross-contamination in our new place), but I can meet before to coordinate, hand off storage unit keys, and help out.

If you can help out either weekend, please send me an email and let me know. I plan to follow up with everyone who’s helped so far and ask for another round. Don’t feel bad if you can’t help — totally understandable, and everyone I know has already been a tremendous help.

We just need a bit more to get things wrapped up, and we still need help. Thanks again, everyone — you’re all fantastic.