In 2009, when people started to talk about the financial phenomenon known as cryptocurrency, a lot of people thought it would amount to nothing. I thought so too to be honest. Since then, cryptocurrency has grown and successfully occupied the minds and wallets of millions of people. According to the American internet marketing company Lifetronic:

• Every three seconds there is a post on social networks about cryptocurrency;

• The Bitcoin market will total $57 million by 2025;

• There are 153 million addresses in Bitcoin in 2019;

• Six billion Bitcoin transactions occur daily;

• The total market capitalization…

Business Insider writes that Elon Musk, one of the most celebrated businessmen around, spends 80 to 100 hours a week working: on average, 42 hours at Tesla and 40 hours at SpaceX. He also devotes about half a day to his non-profit, OpenAI. This is more than twice the usual working time of an ordinary office employee. Do you still wonder why Elon has achieved such huge success?

Everyone should understand how much a person should work to realize their ambitions. Inspired by the experience of Elon Musk, I want to share the features of my work schedule, a schedule…

When I was a salaried worker, I sincerely believed that the position of a general director was just fun and games: you provide people with instructions and then check what they have done. When I became a leader however, reality quickly brought me back down to earth. Today, I have no such illusions, because leading a big company means responsibility — big responsibility for decisions and actions.

At the very start of my career I would have been happy to read a detailed guide on how to succeed in a leadership position. Unfortunately, I had to find my own way…

The moment you launch a project is when your expenses begin to accrue, including salaries, product support, updates and developments, technical support, etc. In order to speed up the process and save funds you need to implement a range of important pre-launch strategies.

I know this from my own experience of running TeachMeCash, one of EdTech’s most dynamic startups.

Launching the product is just the tip of the iceberg. Below the surface there is a huge block of work done in advance to prepare which should include the following steps:

  • Gathering theoretical and practical skills on specific topics;
  • Testing ideas…

If you google “procrastination” you’ll find almost 55 million hits and this does not include social media posts, so we can safely multiple this number by three — 165 million hits. Now you realize how common this term has become over the past 10–15 years!

As the CEO and the ideological inspirer of the TeachMeCash platform, I know that almost everyone has problems with procrastination one way or another. There are two solutions:

  • Let go and allow yourself to procrastinate;
  • Fight your ennui by studying its causes and eliminate them from your life.

When inviting new specialists to my team…

Last year, СbInsights released a new report which lists the main 18 reasons why startups fail. According to the report, as many as 42% of entrepreneurs do not consider the real needs of the market, are overly optimistic and are guided only by a blind passion for their product.

Based on my experience of leading TeachMeCash as the company’s CEO, I can categorically state that the most crucial factor for success is business and technical expertise, not passion.

At business training seminars you will often hear that passion is driving force of an entrepreneur, that it provides inner fire to…

Today we’ll talk about creating a roadmap for an educational business product.

As the CEO of the EdTech startup TeachMeCash, I’ve realized that roadmaps are a crucial component of any marketing strategy. I was convinced of the efficacy of roadmaps after many years of working for international projects based in Europe.

During this time, I had the opportunity to participate in the creation of educational business products and I watched how my friends and acquaintances were coping. …

My team is amazing but it wasn’t always this way. As the CEO and ideological inspirer it’s my responsibility to lead by example.

A few years ago, we tried to attract managers using external resources and recommendations without relying on the staff we already had. It took us a long time to realize what a big mistake we were making. We then decided to radically restructure the internal system of our company to nurture our staff.

The old concept led us to understand that the process of selecting leaders externally is:

  • Expensive (paying for recruiters and the cost of unfilled…

Do you know the most common mistake among novice business owners? Because they start with a small budget, they save money on market research and the needs of the target audience. They are firmly convinced that their product is perfect and will undoubtedly be in demand among consumers. Unfortunately, this corresponds only to one’s personal values and priorities, and the target audience can think in a completely different way. In order to find the truth that is fully consistent with reality, it is necessary to conduct independent marketing research.

This applies to all areas of business, including the direction of…

The idea that today, the sphere of education can bring impressive income does not haunt many entrepreneurs and it is good that most of them set themselves not only a financial goal but also a global social one. By the way, we are also looking at these things at TeachMeCash, and today I have decided to share our marketing lifehacks with you. I, Illia Danylenko, the CEO and the ideological inspirer of this rapidly developing project in the field of EdTech, can safely talk about successful marketing strategies for educational projects since I have extensive experience in this field.


Illia Danylenko

My name is Illia Danylenko, I am an entrepreneur, investor, expert in the field of EdTech, investment, and finance, the creator and CEO of TeachMeCash.

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