The Asexual Anarchist Gazette, Vol. 1 Issue 7: Activist Keyfabe

Does the cream of the crop truly rise to the top?

Howdy, folks.

This is, what — the second time in three weeks I’ve referenced wrestling somewhere in my “Brand?” What the fuck is happening to me…

Anyway, I had another post similar to this one planned for Monday but then Monday happened and I wasn’t finished with it, and I didn’t like what I was writing, and then it was Tuesday and I had to hang out with a friend and play through Final Fantasy XIII (jesus LORD what a boring game half the time), and then it was after midnight when I got home and I had to watch some Rock the Promo videos on YouTube and… this is the longest fucking run-on sentence I have ever written.

So here I am, getting the jump on Wednesday instead of waiting until after I get off work. I’m amped on one (1) can of Monster Java and ready to process some thoughts I’ve been scraping off the bottom of my brainpan for a second.

Has anyone noticed how similar The Discourse is to pro wrestling? I haven’t watched very much pro wrestling, but I’ve been dipping my toe in, and wow — the consistencies between the two are striking.

This may come as a surprise to some folks, for whom The Discourse is serious business, for whom the need to track the villains and the heroes is intense and all-consuming, for whom the need to spend every waking moment in its atmosphere burns through every. fiber. of their being.

And I mean, it’s fair enough. The Discourse is tied to our lives in intimate ways, it informs how we view the world and shapes our social network at a fundamental level. Even if The Discourse is a performance, it’s a gravely important one. Right?

Sure, if you also think that Wrestlemania 33 is going to change WWE in some vital fashion.

Because we should all be clear on this: The Discourse is a performance. It’s personalities writing promos and delivering verbal smackdowns on each other for prestige and social capital. It’s bloggers assuming the roles of babyfaces and heels, their exact positions in The Discourse switching every couple years, and never once breaking keyfabe. Every time another post gets posted, another reply gets added to the chain, another writer tries to land a submission finisher, the storyline just moves on another step.

Considering I’m not exempt from this dynamic, let’s this a shoot: it’s all bullshit. What folks say about asexual people and aromantic people and anyone else unfortunate enough to land the heel role this time around in The Discourse, it’s not how folks outside of The Discourse feel or think. It’s not what folks disconnected from our brand of “entertainment” believe. And there has to be a moment, like in pro wrestling, where the illusion is broken. At least for just long enough that folks learn to see through keyfabe, see the performance behind everything, and make it evolve.

Or maybe scrap it altogether, trade it in for the verbal equivalent of UFC. Y’all’s choice.


I literally learned everything I know about pro wrestling (it isn’t much) from Canadian nerd comedians.

A paper on white fragility by Robin DiAngelo, in the International Journal of Critical Pedagogy. Been letting this one soak in for a minute.

“The fucking shit will find a way. The fucking shit has been finding one for years.” — Stephen King, The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three. Probably the best fucking line the man ever wrote.

Still sad about Gravity Falls. Will probably always be sad.


What’s been published at my other job, The Center for a Stateless Society, so far this week:

Logan Glitterbomb has the scoop on the CNT’s plans to re-create the IWA. That’s the Spanish anarcho-syndicalist union Confederación Nacional del Trabajo, re-creating the International Workers’ Association. Pretty neat stuff!


I say this all the fuckign time.

A great video on dating asexual people!

Also, I’ve got a thing about Colin Kaepernick in the works, I have no idea when it is going to be published, but I know it will be soon. Probably after the news has stopped caring about the whole thing. But I think y’all will like it.

Jesus christ it’s 3 AM.


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Good night I am sleep

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