The Asexual Anarchist Newsletter, Vol. 1 Issue 4: Goodbye Olympics


Thank god, the Olympics are over.

Now listen, before y’all jump down my gullet and assume this is another “lol fuck sportsball” article from another Edgy Anarchist, sit back down. I actually really like some sports, and I even watched a couple of the events this year; mostly gymnastics because it was on when I normally get home from work, and swimming, because holy shit Fu Yuanhui is adorable and Katie Ledecky swam faster than any fucking human alive.

Nah, I’m just glad that particular excessive display of patriotism and nationalism is over for another four years. I’m glad we’re back to deciding which hellbeast is going to have access to the nuclear codes full-time, because I think with the darkest timeline we’re currently in, we still have time to become the world of Akira. I’m not exactly hoping for that world, but considering our options, it seems like a very likely possibility at this point, so — in for a penny, in for a pound, as they say.

Assuming we actually make it in one piece to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, I think we’re all going to be in for a real treat, Opening-Ceremony-wise. If the handoff ceremony in Rio was any indication, Japan’s Olympic Committee is probably already hard at work creating a sublime audiovisual assault that will utterly eclipse all previous Opening Ceremonies. That, at least, is something to look forward to. (Barring that, we can all just watch Akira in our fallout shelters while Trump nukes the world.)

There’s not a lot going on in the world of asexuality activism today, but if there was, I probably wouldn’t know about it: I was spending all day yesterday reading (and finishing!) The Gunslinger in preparation for the release of the Dark Tower movie. I’m writing a thing about each book as I go; some of the volumes I’m revisiting, while others are gonna be a new and jarring experience for me.

That said, this issue’s Bonus Hell is gonna be HELL-thy. Lots of links to both ace and anarchist-y things.

I’ll see myself out for the pun tho.


A History Of Words Used To Describe People That Are Not Asexual” by historicallyace, as reblogged by redbeardace.

Rotten-Zucchinis has a great series on neoliberalism, homonormativity and being asexual that I am really anxious to sink my teeth into. (ZINE!)

A thing on social pressures shaping identity that I’m finding really important rn.


NBC is sad because millennials didn’t watch the Olympics. Couldn’t have anything to do with their coverage being a flaming trashbasket.

Speaking of flaming trashbaskets, Drew Jones here on Medium makes a pretty sharp comparison in how media has covered Ryan Lochte’s frat-bro bullshit romp to how that same media covers black men being killed either doing similar things to Lochte or just existing.

Here’s a fascinating, if a bit dense, look into the internet of shit.

I haven’t read this at all yet, but I’m putting it here because I want to read it. It’s an explainer on shipping.

Finally, the worst article written about Donald Trump’s rise to power. Literally the shittiest shitbox this side of Shit Canyon. According to this article, the reason Donald Trump is definitely going to be elected, even though polling suggests otherwise (and we all say thankya), is because… we’re addicted to junk food television and we’re all stupid. I just… Fuck this guy. Fuck both the failed networks he started and ran. Stop plagiarizing the plot of Network. Jesus christ I need to sit down.


We’re going for some deep cuts in this issue.

Here’s an article from Green Anti-Fascism on the split between the “Left” and organizations that promote new forms of nationalisms.

Here’s a golden oldie from David Graeber on the illusion of western democracy.

And to tie it all together, here’s a story about a group of actual fucking Nazis standing in front of the Houston headquarters of the NAACP. This is the world we fucking live in.


As if all that wasn’t enough, here’s a new section where I tell you how to get a hold of me!

So, I don’t have a set format for this newsletter aside from the Bonus Hell sections. I also have no idea what I see out of this whole venture, aside from being a writing outlet and link dump. So what I’m going to do for the foreseeable future is post a bunch of my personal contact information and open the floor up to user submissions.

Basically, if you find an interesting thing, or if you have something to say, you have more than one way to get in touch with me.


Also, I think I can officially say this will come out every couple of days. I like Monday, Wednesday, Friday. It feels right.

See you next time!

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