Get Shit Done Series: Pt 3, Justyna Kedra

This week we are featuring Justyna Kedra, the Co-Founder of We-Rule.

Illicit Mind: Who are you? Tell us a bit about your background in 4–5 sentences

Justyna: I am the founder of WE Rule (, which is a diverse online platform for female entrepreneurs that connects them to each other, mentors, business opportunities and accredited investors — globally. We are in 30 countries and counting!

Our mission is to not only to help female entrepreneurs dream big, sell their products but also show them how to grow their businesses through mentorship and providing them with valuable resources they need to succeed and expand. Homepage

Illicit Mind: Let’s remind the audience of your role at the get What did you speak about at the Get Shit Done Summit?

Justyna: We spoke about hustling. It was the hands down one of the best panels and I am not biased at all! :)

Illicit Mind: What happened as a direct result of you speaking at the Get Shit Done Summit? Did you gain new partnerships? Were more people introduced to your products/services? Did you make any sales? Etc

Justyna: This event went above and beyond my expectations- stayed almost until the end. I was able to make many new connections as well as we were able to feature a few people who spoke on other panels and/or were at the event. Many impactful connections were made. Specifically we have since partnered with Benchmark Creative group for the SHEBOSS event series and interviewed the co-founders Tasha and Tiffany for our website.

Illicit Mind: Update us on your Get Shit Done Status! What you are working on? What have you failed at? What are your plans for 2017 to Get Shit Done?

Justyna: We are currently in the process of getting ready to be funded and help female entrepreneurs in an even more impactful way! One of the programs we are working on will connect for profit businesses with non-profit businesses to create positive impact around the world.

Illicit Mind: How can people find you and We Rule?

Justyna: Our website and twitter @werule_nyc

Illicit Mind: thank you so much for taking the time to do this followup interview! We look forward to seeing more of your work.