Get Shit Done Series: Pt 4, Silvia Christmann

This week we are featuring Silvia Christmann, a thought leader and mindful business coach!

Illicit Mind: Who are you? Tell us a bit about your background in 4–5 sentences

Silvia: I am an international growth coach and business advisor focusing on creating a global population of extraordinary leaders that dare to care. My work combines the art of ambition with lifestyles choices to reclaim your freedom. I have transformed the lives of many entrepreneurs, innovation leaders, and purpose-driven CEOs, giving them frameworks to thrive.

I am also a global citizen, a third culture kid and a nomad by heart. I run my highly successful business from the open road, relentlessly motivating people to inspire change with her infectious enthusiasm for life. I have taught workshops at Columbia University and have been featured in many publications, including Forbes and INC.

Illicit Mind: Let’s remind the audience of your role at the get What did you speak about at the Get Shit Done Summit?

Silvia: I lead a short workshop on Leading and living mindfully.

Illicit Mind: What happened as a direct result of you speaking at the Get Shit Done Summit? Did you gain new partnerships? Were more people introduced to your products/services? Did you make any sales? Etc

Silvia: I got so many emails.. it was hard to catch up

Illicit Mind: Update us on your Get Shit Done Status! What you are working on? What have you failed at? What are your plans for 2017 to Get Shit Done?

Silvia: I’m currently working on my book! Super excited. Getting more speaking opportunities on leadership development. Speaking at the There has been a lot of outreach to me for speaking engagement. I think it’s because of my style with teaching leadership. I believe when we work on transforming ourselves we transform the world around us with what we do.

Illicit Mind: How can people find you? Website + Links *


Illicit Mind: thank you so much for taking the time to do this followup interview! We look forward to seeing more of your work.

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