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Professor Sheldon Jacobson


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Professor Sheldon Jacobson

Sheldon H. Jacobson is a Founder Professor of Computer Science, Director of the Simulation and Optimization Laboratory, and Founding Director of the Bed Time Research Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. With a strong background in Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, and Medicine, he is well versed in applications of technology, and his research displays that. Most of Professor Jacobson’s research focuses on Vaccines and Immunizations, Data Science Applications (Computation Public Health), Aviation Security (TSA), Presidential Election Predictions, NCAA Basketball Predictions (and March Madness), Political Redistricting (Gerrymandering), and much much more! …

What is this series?

WCS is presenting an informative video series about the research our professors have done, using computer science applications, to impact different fields of work. This will allow young teenagers, and possibly even *you* reading this, to learn more about the opportunities available through studying computer science! We are bringing professors from all fields of expertise to talk about how they have used computer science to complete their research and how it affects the field they work in, as well as communities around the world!

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information about the series from our flyer!

Why this series?

While many teens in the US have the potential to use computer science and do amazing things, stereotypes surrounding the tech industry have prevented the growth that this field truly requires and deserves. Contrary to popular belief, computer science researchers and students don’t have a specific “look”, there is no “100% right way”, and there is no “I don’t have the ability”. Anyone can be a coder or software developer, all it takes is the interest and effort! …

This school year is going to be a new and intriguing experience for many, especially the many freshmen who have to learn how to navigate an almost entirely online college semester. …



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