Stop Glorifying Entrepreneurs and Shaming Employees
Mike Essex

I can understand this viewpoint and also contribute to the fact that I often tell friends who are honestly thinking of quitting employment that being self-employed isn’t an easy path to walk. The truth is it’s often lonely and fraught with many difficulties. If I knew what I was getting into before being self-employed, I probably would have never done it.

I have considered the alternatives if my business shouldn’t work out, people have said ‘you don’t want to go back to the rat race, you’ll be unemployable now, you won’t like it’ but as you said Mike, so many people can find equally or if not more happiness working for others.

I know one guy who works for Twitter now instead of trying to pursue a freelance business, and who is anyone to say not starting a business is wrong.

Yes, it’s all too easy to wipe having the corporate career off the agenda of life goals, for some it’s the best thing they’ll ever do.

The most important thing is you find fulfillment in life whatever you do.