I Am Not an Entrepreneur
Jenny Halasz

I’m right with you on this Jenny, I’ve been self-employed for over 6 years, albeit with my own set of struggles and difficulties during that time.

I despise the word entrepreneur, it’s a pretty load description of people who a business. There seems to be this agenda to push on people who are self-employed, like your life isn’t good enough if your not at your desk for 6.00am and work 15 hour days, crush it and then do it again each day just to claim “I’ve hustled and worked an 80 hour week, what have you done this week?” but I don’t want to get into a discussion on productivity now.

My goal in my own business has always been to build a business that sustains a modest income so I can travel, enjoy my life, learn, develop and grow.


This seems to be the complete opposite to what I have read in aspirational business magazines or what I hear from media outlets describing what an entrepreneur is. For them it’s all about materialistic gains, fame, ego and a little bit of self-loathing.

You and I probably feel like this because we don’t want to be labelled by society and that’s perfectly fine. I just wish we didn’t have justify what we do so often and so deliberately.