This is Why I’m Rewriting My Martial Arts Fantasy Fiction Novel (aka The Evolution)

Concept Art by ED WATSON @edwatsonart

I’ve decided to rewrite my martial arts fantasy fiction novel. Let me explain why. I first wrote MASTERNEVER AND THE FLOW OF DEATH back in 2007. The screenplay was followed by a self-published novel that felt and still feels like a screenplay.

Although the story is good, as I review the novel, I realize that this isn’t the work that I want to reflect my writing. It is extremely important that the novel is a reflection of my abilities as a writer, so during instances where readers who are not interested in my genre, they’ll hang around and check out my pen game.

I’m rewriting for professional and personal reasons as well. I’ve changed so much since 2008 when I self-published my first book.

That was way back before I went to prison in Hong Kong.

Before I lived in a slum in Rio De Janeiro.

Before I followed my dreams and moved to China and saw a man eat glass in Beijing.

Before Masternever made its debut at comic con.

Before I had my heart broken.

Before I learned how to manifest using my mind.

Before I was homeless.

Before I escaped from a cult. (GET OUT!)

Before a Vietnamese man tried to hack my arm off in Ho Chi Minh City. Before I ever published a feature article.

Before I became an internationally published author.

Before I learned how to break on2.

Before I read All The Light We Cannot See.

More than anything else. My writing has drastically changed, evolved, matured — whatever, you get the picture.

While in prison, some great books came to me. Among them was Enders game and while I don’t care for this book, I appreciate the fact that Orson Scott Card included notes, sharing his journey and his inspiration to write a novel based on the success of his published short stories.

The traditional model of book publishing has been obliterated. While I believe it is beneficial to find an editor and publisher longterm, I listen to the masters, including Alan Moore, who advised new writers (or those who haven’t been recognized) to self-publish.

So, I’m rewriting. Polishing. Sharing a novel that is worth my sword. One that reflects my name.