How to Create a Rap Song

Music is one of the greatest gifts on the planet. We all use music in different ways, whether it’s to express our own thoughts and ideas or listening as motivation to be great. The ILL MICKELSON infographic on How to Create Rap Beats is meant to help aspiring artists take the first step in creating a rap song.

Steps on How to Create a Rap Song

  1. The most important thing to remember when it comes to inspiration for a song is staying true to yourself for your music to sound authentic. To be an artist people want to listen to, it’s important to let your experiences fuel the music. Live your life. All your experiences will be ammo to make great art that will connect with people.
  2. There are countless places to find production for your rap song, but it’s important to make sure the quality is professional and matches the preferred feel and mod of the song. Don’t jump the gun of “free beats” because more often than not, the production quality isn’t at a professional level, which will ultimately discourage potential listeners. You must invest in your craft to taken seriously as an artist.
  3. Beats and rhymes are the quintessential hip-hop marriage. Find your personal style by studying your favorite emcees and expanding your vocabulary. Put your beat on loop, close your eyes and let it influence the message and mood you want to convey. Practice and patience are the keys as you find the right flow and content to complete your song.
  4. A song written on paper or your phone needs to be recorded to come alive and make it to the ears of your audience. Whether you record at a studio or at home, be sure to use quality gear an experienced crew to ensure a professional result. Put feeling and emotion into your performances to create a thrilling track, and make sure the end result is properly mixed.
  5. Time for the people to hear your story. Great art is art that inspires emotion in the consumer, and it’s time to share your masterpiece. Record labels were once king, but in the digital world we live in, the opportunities to self-release music globally is unprecedented. Share on the Internet, gauge your success and plan your next track.

Hope this helps anyone that wants to become an artist take the first step in creating their first rap song. To view more content, check out the ILL MICKELSON site.