The Horror Of The “Me-ternity Leave”
Ester Bloom

I’m so glad that I’m not alone in my feelings that though misguided, there are some elements of truth here. Reverse discrimination for non-parents is a real thing. Parents often believe that their personal choice (to have children) entitles them to increased flexibility and privileges at work. Maternity leave and paternity leave- actually qualify under FMLA because they are medical in nature. If you’re having a mental breakdown because you need time off, you too can take FMLA. (Imagine that!) It is actually illegal for supervisors to provide accommodations for one employee that they don’t provide for another- unless they are of a medical nature. Giving better schedules to a single parent versus a single guy can be a major legal issue and rightfully so. Wanna go pick up your kids? File your time and face consequences. Wanna go to happy hour? File your time and face consequences. I support parents and believe companies should offer paid parental leave, emergency childcare, etc. However, violating the rights of the childless is ridiculous and actually illegal. Check with your HR department and know your rights.

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