I’m the cute girl there lol

illrotic podcast now live on the site! Episodes 1 & 2 available… there are 8 more in season 1 and trust me they get better and better.

I started illrotic blog for fun… I am no sex expert but I am fully intrigued and moved by sex. So I decided to research and write, I learned many of us share similar thoughts and experiences but always hesitant to verbalize them, don’t worry I got you! Medium was the first platform to share my writing and I was met with amazing responses (thanks to you all) then I created the website and the podcast… the writing has slowed down and it’s left me torn but the podcast is where my energy is at the moment. I hope you all show the same love and support for he podcast!

My co-host (Kino) and I talk about different topics with facts/research, lots of laughs and we share our own experiences.

Fuck with us!

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