Bringing Conversations Together


Bringing Conversations Together

The number of ways we communicate with one another is exploding . We have hundreds of daily interactions through a growing number of mobile apps: WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Line, WeChat, Hangouts, Yo, and the list goes on. These apps have given us new and exciting ways to express ourselves; everything from the silly (Snapchat) to the serious (Slack).

Unfortunately, this also means that our conversations are spread across more apps than ever: my fiancé only uses SMS and my co-founder uses WhatsApp. My sisters are into Facebook Messenger and I’m pretty sure our office dog Luna prefers Line, though I haven’t yet found a way to confirm.

We built Snowball to bring these conversations together; one place for all of the messages from all of the social apps you already love. We didn’t want another social app, we wanted a way for all of our existing social apps to work better together. This is a great example of our philosophy: simple products with ambitious goals.

You can think of Snowball as an “inbox” that shows your conversations from all of your favorite apps in one place. It organizes messages in the same way that you think about them: by person, instead of by app. And it’s always one swipe way, so you don’t have to waste time hunting for app icons on your homescreen.

Our early testing has been very positive, and today, we’re excited to widen our beta and make Snowball available to Android users worldwide. Why Android? Because the power and the openness of the Android platform makes apps like Snowball possible.

We want Snowball to be the most natural way to organize, access and connect with all of the people in our lives, and we’re truly humbled that some very thoughtful investors agree: we’re happy to announce that we’ve raised $2.3MM from First Round Capital, Google Ventures, Felicis Ventures, Lowercase Capital, Greylock Partners, Metamorphic Ventures, Golden Venture Partners, Cherubic Ventures, David Lee, and various other angels.

So give Snowball a whirl and start bringing your conversations together!

— Anish, Jeson, John, Ananda, Luna

Oh, and if you’re into that kind of thing, follow us on Twitter: @trysnowball

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