Snowball Reimagined: Prioritized Notifications

Get the notifications you want, none of the rest

Notifications. The buzzing, dinging, ringing, flashing interruptions our mobile devices give us all day long. Occasionally there’s a gem (“want to grab dinner tonight?!”), but most often it’s a dud (“$10 for $20 worth of pizza”). In fact, the average Snowball user receives over 60 notifications per day. This problem is only getting worse with the growth of the app ecosystem and the increasing engagement driven by push notifications.

Today, we're launching a new version of Snowball to solve this problem and ensure you get all the notifications you want and none of the rest. Snowball is a complete replacement for your notifications experience on Android. It automatically hides annoying notifications, like “10 of your apps were updated” and prioritizes important ones, such as messages from friends and family.

Snowball does its best to automatically prioritize your notifications but you're ultimately in control of what’s important and what’s not. Simply swipe a notification to hide or prioritize future notifications from a given app. Snowball will learn to make smart predictions over time based on the apps you use and the ones you ignore.

Additionally, Snowball makes your notifications more useful. Instead of always opening apps to do things like reply to Facebook, SMS, and WhatsApp messages, you can simply reply right from Snowball. Don’t worry: your message will always be sent through the right app.

As we’ve previously outlined, we believe that notifications represent the next important platform: app engagement is increasingly defined by push-driven notifications rather than the traditional pull-driven experience. However, this opportunity is hindered by the notification overload problem, which prevents consumers from realizing the benefits of relevant, useful notifications.

Today, with the launch of Snowball v2, we're excited to take a step in that direction and enable every Android user worldwide to upgrade their notifications experience. Give it a whirl by downloading it here and please let us know what you think.


The Snowball Team