What’s new in illu 0.3?

2 min readNov 14, 2023


We are excited to announce the release of illu version 0.3.0, rolling out features that have been highly requested by our dynamic user base.

We recognize that deploying equipment for the energy transition, whether undertaken by individuals or publicly listed companies, comes with its own challenges and requirements. With this in mind, illu 0.3 introduces additional customization crafted to empower your network of installers and contractors across a range of needs.

  1. Tailor Your Job Process with Custom Job Fields:

We get it; everyone’s got their own way of doing things.

We built illu Workflows exactly with this in mind, and are bringing that same flexibility to illu Jobs. With illu’s new Custom Job Fields, admins can set up custom input fields to define what information to track on every job. This feature prompts users to capture essential information on every job, so there’s more chasing after missing details.

For manufacturers, you can now prompt installers to document serial numbers for easier reference tracking. For O&M teams, you can now add a custom priority field based on your own triaging needs.

Walk through custom job fields here

2. Cleaner, More Streamlined Job Page

Job pages have a fresh look! The new layout helps your team focus on the important things, such as any missing info, any flagged issues, and what’s up next. Workflows associated with jobs feature a clear progress bar, and the workflow summary view allows administrators to navigate directly to the relevant step, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

3. Find what you need faster with Job search

Simplify your search process with the new Job Search feature. Whether you’re referencing the original commissioning docs for a project or retrieving similar servicing requests tied to a specific equipment model, now you can search by Job name, ID number, and Notes to find what you need.

Stay ahead in the dynamic solar and battery industry by harnessing the power of illu’s latest features! Find out more at www.illu.works




illu is a work management platform for teams deploying, operating, and maintaining distributed renewable energy (DRE) systems