The result of grave injustices is obvious.

There is no need to ask why violence, and in particular gun violence, permeate inner cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, and Camden. These are the grave sites of American Slavery — they now fertilize American shanties. By design former slaves and their offspring were herded into these tombs, by design under educated, by design under severed, and by design spoon fed narcotics [Greek for: ‘To make numb’].

In the presence of blatant injustice, too many ask why the tortured are so angry. They study the salinity of tears, the tenderness of bruises, monetize their queries, and profoundly proffer unfunded treatment. We say: If a child is starving — feed it. If the pain of hunger intrigues you, stop eating. Food is the only cure for the hungry.

Ultimately, peace is forever tethered to justice. Education bound to safety, and opportunity inextricably connected to fairness. The seed of all — Justice, can not be obtained if those most in need of it, and most capable of fighting for it, have already killed themselves.

Stop Shooting, Start Living, and Fight!

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