This letter and comments of support are ridiculous.

That face mask from Lush is actually around $7, and you get a free one if you bring in 5 containers for recyling. Tyler, I would like to see a grocery receipt showing all the food you allegedly bought for $20 that will feed for you 3 days as you claim.

She lives in East Bay, not SF, but according to you she needs to move even further out and her rent will be affordable. Are you in real estate in the Bay Area? Because if you were then you’d know there isn’t anywhere affordable out there. How far is someone supposed to have to commute for a min. wage job before it borders on the ridiculous?

If you’re the pathetic troll who went to the trouble of mining Talia Jane’s IG account for “proof” of her extravagant lifestyle, then you ought to note most of the images you lifted were from 6 months ago. People’s circumstances can shift over time, and you are basing your judgments on what you think she is spending on pics of desserts and… au gratin potatoes? Do you know how much it costs to buy flour, sugar, and potatoes? It’s a lot cheaper than buying meat and produce. I’m a medical anthropologist who focuses on food insecurity issues, and when people cannot afford to buy groceries, they will often buy what gives them a little bit of comfort, and for some that is booze and sweets. I’ve been food insecure myself, and during the recession when I was still living in SF I qualified for SNAP (food stamps). I bought all my produce at the farmer’s market, and went to Whole Foods to buy my meat and dairy. I got evil looks from people who saw my SNAP card, like, “How DARE you shop here on food stamps!” Apparently poor people are not allowed to have anything nice or decent. We’re supposed to buy healthy food, but it better damn well be cheap or we’re living extravagantly and abusing the abusive system, blah blah blah.

I’ve got plenty of friends in the Bay Area who empathize with her situation, because they have been there or are there right now, and I am not talking “post grads” like you who don’t sound like you’ve actually been supporting yourself for a decade or more, but seasoned adults are aware they are a paycheck or two away from homelessness. Anyway, Tyler, I look forward to seeing that receipt for the 3 days of food you got for $20…

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