Jenny Green

You may have missed the part in her original post where she mentioned a freelance job that she didn’t have the energy to pursue because she was tired/stressed.

Aside from that, it’s pathetic that people are normalizing working 2 jobs in order to get by. She moved to the Bay Area from elsewhere and probably didn’t know anyone, and let’s all agree that random roommates can be a nightmare and incur more debt if they do not pay their fair share. She was offered her job the same say she interviewed, so chances are she didn’t have much lead time to find a place.

My best friend was virtually homeless for over a year after the electric wiring in her illegal in-law in the Richmond caught fire. She couldn’t even get a meet-up with people who advertised for roommates on Craigslist, because every ad for a room receives hundreds of replies. When she went to see vacant apartments, there were 20–30 people at each open house. It literally became a situation of taking the first place that was offered to her, so she could stop couch surfing and subletting and have a place of her own.

Start a business? That takes money, honey, and contacts, and not everyone wants to be a business owner. Just because dudes with coding skills or family money make it sound so easy doesn’t mean it is.

It would be great if people who didn’t live in the Bay Area would keep their you-should-do-this comments under their hats. The Bay Area is not like Chicago or Dallas or Long Island. What works in your city isn’t applicable to the most expensive city in the US. People shouldn’t have to live on rice to “pay their dues”. Going back to school requires money. What useless advice do you give people who don’t want to accumulate degrees and 5–6 figures in debt so they can “get by”? Because I know a lot of folks with Ph.Ds who are underemployed.

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