What Do You Know About Trash The Dress Photoshoots?

It is not a common expression we agree, however, it is latest hottest trend with respect to wedding photography. Ask any wedding photography or videography expert in Sydney, Melbourne, Flowers, New York, Canada, or London and they will tell you how suitable it is for those who do not believe in traditional wedding photography themes. The term “trash the dress” means that traditional wedding photographs are clicked at the most unusual locations creating a unique effect. The location might lead to irreparable damage to your wedding dress thus leaving it no good for future use, in literal terms trashing it.

It is not a coincidental or accidental kind of photography concept. About a few years back, there were some innovative photographers who came up with this theme to satisfy the requirements of their clients. Most of these couples wanted photographs that were completely different from everyone else. So, what all is needed for unusual wedding photography? To begin with, the bride along with her bridesmaids must know that these clicks will be completely unusual and unique in style. Second, she should be aware of the fact that post photography the dress wouldn’t be of any use anymore. It doesn’t mean that the bride will simply go on beach and sit on edge drenching in waves or rolling in sand or getting covered in mud. All the details depend on the location and what elements lead it.

The most amazing locations in the list include deserts, rivers, mountains, fields, or lonely buildings and so forth. Every single one of these has something unique to offer, however, the experts advise both the photographer and couples to take care of their safety. Wedding gowns usually come with a lot of fabric and can get heavy very easily especially when drenched in water. Always include 5–7 or more people when you are shooting around water bodies. If you can get some off duty lifeguards with you, it will serve the purpose. Keep a dozen standers by your side including the groom’s parents. The equipment needed for this purpose would include a wide angle which means variety of lenses, zooms for isolating the bride or the groom and get better close ups for medium shots, also flash for highlighitng the shadows if the shoot is being done at night or late evening. A tripod will also be needed for camera stabilization and some reflectors for extra highlights.

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