EV Electra-first Illuminates platform client for STO

Hi dear Illuminates community! Glad to share with you our first Illuminates platform client for STO — EV Electra https://electratoken.com

It was fully done via Illuminates SaaS for startups, was used next things:

- Website SaaS builder;
- Smart Contract SaaS builder;
- Membership area for investors with referral system and bonus system.

Now it takes 4 days to run the project, cause we make additional features regarding client needs, testings, and at the end it could be done within only few hours by any person without any IT knowledge. Price for setting up project is only 399 LUM tokens now (one time payment) and 399 LUM/month. (399$ and 399$/mo will be fixed price in USD, because later it will cost less in tokens).

Also for all startups will be a possibility to not make payments for 3,4 or 5 months and only after this time period, they’ll have a choice to cover payments for these months or to stop the campaign if it wasn’t successful. So we reduce the risks and costs in IT part for founders on this stage and helping them to concentrate their investments for legal needs, PR, marketing, and token sale.

On this stage it was paid in fiat because we didn’t start the token sale yet, but it will gives users an ability to see what kind of product we can give for our clients and see that its a really workable product.

Looking forward for your questions and comments.

Sincerely yours,
Illuminates team.

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