The next important part of the “Illuminates platform” structure is the Freelance Exchange. Work on freelancing has many positive aspects, such as no need to visit the office, the ability to plan your time and choose a customer. On the other hand, for employers, cooperation with freelancers has its own benefits, including the absence of the need to pay taxes, provide an employee with a job and the necessary equipment.

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But despite all the obvious advantages of such cooperation, both parties of freelancing work face the fraud. Contractors don’t always get paid for completed work, and employers, in turn, often receive the non-quality work.

“Illuminates platform” is designed to solve these and other problems faced by freelance exchanges members.

Working by “Illuminates platform” freelancers can get the next opportunities:

  • Free access to a big market of startup related jobs;
  • Transparency and secure of contractor — employer relationships. Guarantee payment for performed work is provided by special smart contracts;
  • Developing of reputation on the platform using RelateFacts technology and increasing of professional skills;
  • There are no worries about experience confirmation anymore: evaluation of work by a third-party expert-oracle. Work will be evaluated in any case;
  • Choosing the most suitable payment method (LUM/popular crypto/fiat);
  • Inviting of own customer (IYOC). 0% on fees with new clients that you invited.

With the “Illuminates platform” employers will be able to get such benefits:

  • View real reviews about contractors confirmed by previous employers;
  • Low commission fees — 3,9% for each deal;
  • Customer security provided by the platform;
  • The ability to make payment to the contractor only after the task approval;
  • Getting rewards for using platform tokens — LUMs.

If you are programmers, designers, content authors, documentation authors, translators, marketing and PR specialists — welcome to the platform and evaluate its benefits!

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Illuminates is a crypto-crowdfunding platform that specializes in developing and promoting startups since 2011, and since 2017 — ICO projects.

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