How “Illuminates Platform” solves problems with remote workers

The amount of remote employees is growing around the world in parallel with the demand for services from employers. Global exchanges of freelancers and social networks have erased the boundaries between customers and freelancer. It’s now easy to hire a specialist from anywhere in the world, so a decent portfolio and the English language opens up opportunities for freelancers and employers to have fruitful cooperation in any country. However, freelance has two sides of the same coin. Poorly-quality work, delays in terms of time, lack of the ability to check the real experience and skills of the performer — the key problems that customers face when hiring freelancers. Let’s analyze the problems of an employer, who hiring remote workers on the example of Mike.

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What problems the “Illuminates Platform” solves for employers:

  • Inability to check work. Mike hired a freelancer to make him a payment system. After a while he received his order and at first glance all the features work. However, Mike is not the developer, and he can’t fully check the freelancer works.
    On the “Illuminates Platform”, Mike could requests an Oracle services to review the results. Oracles are platform anonymous experts who could resolve the disputes and review the completed tasks on freelance. Having all the necessary skills and experience, the Oracle reviewing freelancer works and rate it.
  • Unverified information. Unverified information. Wishing to get more expensive projects, the freelancer was impersonating a more experienced user and created a fake portfolio where he mentioned other people’s projects as his own. Mike can’t check in and as a result — hired an incompetent specialist. At the “Illuminates Platform” all completed tasks are assigned to the specific user hash and such situation is impossible.
  • Cleaning up reputation. The freelancer did poor-quality work, delayed deadlines and earned a bad ratings that decreased his reputation.
    Wishing to create a new “clean” account on the Illuminates Platform, he’s decided to abandon his old account and create a new one. However when he’s tried to create an account with the same ID, his reputation will be the same as on abandoned account. Moreover the registering with the fake ID will not be able too, since he couldn’t pass verification.

On the Illuminates Platform, Mike is protected from fake portfolios. He got the opportunity to search only trusted employees, view their reputation and real skills. Mike no longer worries that an unscrupulous employee will take an advance payment and will provide an unfinished project.

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