How “Illuminates Platform” solves the founders problems

All the great projects were once just ideas that have come a long way to social recognition. What problems do startup founders face and what solutions from the “Illuminates Platform” can be proposed today, we will analyze with a specific example.

Example: John is developing a real startup, but from the very beginning he’s faced with a number of problems that impede the development of the project.

John doesn’t know where to find effective team members, how to attract the attention of the audience and investors, so that they know about the project and it successfully collects the necessary funds. To solve these and other problems, John decides to register on the “Illuminates Platform”, where he:

  • Passing verification. The registration process on the platform provides for a series of identity verification procedures. Based on the provided data, a John hash will be generated, which provides for the inability to register a new account with the same data in the future.
  • Publish a project. On the “Illuminates Platform”, John gets access to tools to create and publish a startup page, landing page and investor’s cabinet.
  • Communicate with subscribers. From the official start-up page or built-in “Illuminates Platform” social media, John answers to subscribers popular questions and interacts with the audience. Thus, John forms a loyal community for his project, which is reflected in the rapid expansion of startup subscribers and dissemination of key information.
  • Build a reputation. Reputation and rating of “Illuminates Platform” plays a main role in the successful project promotion. John is the CEO and at the same time — he is an expert in the area in which he implements his project. Thus, having proven knowledge and experience on the platform, John increasing investor trust which will help him to attract first investments faster.
  • Gather a team. With the Illuminates Platform’s built-in freelance exchange, John finds the right people. Given the fact that all interactions and user experiences are recorded in the database, John can be sure of the skills of his team members.
  • Attract investments. After completing the account set-up process, John’s project becomes available to investors and investment funds. Considering the fact that John has a good team, passed all verification procedures successfully and the project is actively discussed in the community — investor confidence continues to grow, which means that the project collect the money required to development quickly. Plus, John publishes regular activity reports directly by the Illuminates Platform, which also has a positive impact on the startup’s reputation.
  • Gets access to the marketplace. Having access to the marketplace, where employs only verified sellers, John buys risk-free marketing services, ready-made software solutions, advertisements or conference tickets in his industry, where he presents his product as a speaker.

All of the above features of the “Illuminates Platform” allowed John to build a good reputation, increase brand awareness to the community, and gather a team of professionals. Investors and venture funds aware of John’s startup now, they are sure that the project is in development and market are interested in it, so they are actively investing funds accordingly. John has achieved his primary goals, he is completely satisfied with the result and ready for new rounds of fundraising.

Illuminates is a crypto-crowdfunding platform that specializes in developing and promoting startups since 2011, and since 2017 — ICO projects.