How the “Illuminates Platform” Solves Freelancers problems

According to research by “Payoneer analysts”, the global freelance market has continued to grow rapidly over the past three years. In the United States, about 34% of the total working population is considered as self-employed, and by 2020 this figure will approach 43%. This trend is explained by the fact that freelance has many obvious advantages: free customer choice, independent allocation of working time, lack of workplace binding. However, remote workers face a number of daily challenges that limit earnings and career opportunities. Many of these problems may soon be resolved by the “Illuminates Platform”. We will analyze the situation by specific example.

Example: User Helen has registered on the “Illuminates Platform” freelance exchange. Which features does the service provides:

  • To pass the verification. The first step of the registration process at the “Illuminates Platform,” is passing the verification. Based on personal data, there will be generated unique hash for Helen. It provides for the inability to register a new account with the same data in the future. Now Helen could confirm her reputation and expertise on any website which using Relatefacts. Also, if Helen will receive a positive rating for the completed tasks on any of those websites, her reputation and expertise will change everywhere.
  • Build a reputation. Helen can confirm her skills and get an objective review of “Illuminates Platform” experts. For completing high-quality work, Helen will receive positive ratings from customers and thus — earn a good reputation among other users.
  • View the reputation of other users. In her working process, Helen faced the problem when she not getting paid for her work. When customer just receive the work and disappear.
    Since all operation on the platform is recorded with Relatefacts technology, any fraud information will be displayed in the user’s profile and will be available every platform member. If the customer had the cases when he/she is not paid for freelance work, Helen will find out about this and will not cooperate with such user.
  • To challenge an unfair or inaccurate review. On other platforms, where Helen worked, the customers often did not pay money, citing the fact that her work does not meet all the stated requirements. In addition to the unpaid money, Helen received bad reviews and as a result — the downgrades and bad effect on her future hirings. On the Illuminates Platform, freelancers have the ability to challenge an unfair or inaccurate review with Oracle. The Oracle are the anonymous experts with the highest reputation. If Helen does not agree with the customer’s review and the Oracle determines that the work corresponds to the technical task, the customer will be forced to automatically pay for the project and the expert’s work.
  • Get paid in time. In addition to cases with not getting paid for the order, freelancer Helen also faced the payment delays. On the “Illuminates Platform”, upon confirmation of the order, between freelancers and employers is created the smart contract that contains data about participants and terms of cooperation. In case of successful order completion the agreed amount will be automatically transferred from the employer’s wallet to Helen’s wallet.

Considering the above, we can make a conclusion that “Illuminates platform” solves the main freelancers problems. Helen has the opportunity to confirm her skills and take to work more expensive projects. She also doesn’t worry about getting the payment on time or lack of payment. Helen is confident that she works with only verified customers, she can view the information about every user on the freelance exchange.

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