“Illuminates” took part in the business battle “Investor VS Entrepreneur”

Last week, on March 28, 2019, a business battle “Investor VS Entrepreneur” was held in St. Petersburg in the Capital Investment Club. The jury consisted of distinguished investors and experienced entrepreneurs from various business sectors — Dmitry Vagin, Andrey Ignatiev, and Sergey Fedorinov. The conference participants had the opportunity to present their project and get an objective assessment of the judges regarding the work done and future prospects. The event was held in the format of an open microphone, and at the end of the speech, anyone could ask questions to both startups and jury members. The representative of the“Illuminates” company Mstislav Verkhovykh shared his impressions about the presentation of the project, the participants and the event in general.

How did you hear about the conference?

I was called by the vice-president of the investment club “Capital” and invited to speak with my project.

Tell us more about your project in 2–3 sentences? What prompted you to create such a project?

Our project is a business platform for start-ups and includes the full cycle of everything that is necessary for comfortable entrepreneurship in the field of cryptocurrency operations. The main feature is honesty and transparency of relationships. That is, if you work through the Illuminates platform, you will never be able to be deceived again in matters of business.

What are your impressions of the business battle?

In general, the conference left a positive impression. The format of the event was quite interesting, plus I received a lot of useful contacts. The organization was at a high level, although several non-critical moments were present, such as the absence of a clicker or excessive light, all this did not prevent the project from being presented to the audience in full.

How did the audience take your presentation? What questions did the public ask? What were the answers?

The audience was not prepared for the projects of our level and poorly understood the technical aspects and nuances. For the future, we will take this into account and will focus on such presentations on specific examples from the real world, indicating where we will be useful and why.

What performances and what projects do you remember?

Most remembered project for recycling a new generation of garbage. This project, like ours, solves the global problems of all mankind and this could not be ignored.

What was the main purpose of participation in the conference? Did you achieve it?

Our main goal is to take a few steps towards the general public, talking about such a wonderful undertaking by the general public and investors. I believe that it is fully achieved.

Give some tips and recommendations on how to beginner how to approach a startup, what to pay attention to and what to think ahead?

The most important advice is to think carefully about the level of preparation of the audience, which will present the project and continue to make a start from this when choosing a presentation strategy.

Illuminates is a crypto-crowdfunding platform that specializes in developing and promoting startups since 2011, and since 2017 — ICO projects.

Illuminates is a crypto-crowdfunding platform that specializes in developing and promoting startups since 2011, and since 2017 — ICO projects.