Meet the Team — Nick Zhulinskyi!

Today we want to introduce you the Chief Technical Officer of “Illuminates Platform” — Nick Zhulinskyi. He plays a leading role in the platform development and today we would like to share some interesting facts about Nick’s personality and challenges he faced during his work in “Illuminates”.

Hello, Nick, nice to meet you. Let’s start! What can tell me about yourself and about your professional skills?

I’m a passionate PHP Enthusiast with over 5 years of professional experience in software, information, networking and internet systems development in PHP. I have a strong knowledge and extensive experience in leading of all the stages of system development. The main strengths of my personality are: technology evaluation, business requirements’ analysis, problem solving, communication and time management skills.

What attracts you to work in this company?

As a person who came in IT from banking industry where everything works under instructions, it’s really valuable for me to be in the surrounding where you can be creative and stay motivated by interesting and challenging tasks.

How long have you been working for “Illuminates”?

I came to “Illuminates” almost two years ago and stepped into the new project as a specialist who is able to create and develop the new system from scratch.

Can you tell me in a few words about the company and “Illuminates Platform” project?

“Illuminates” is a social ecosystem that allows to make available all the advantages of blockchain technology, qualitatively changing the conditions of interaction between investors, freelancers and startups. “Illuminates” collectes the best solutions and tools for the development of professionals and the implementation of the most revolutionary ideas. “Illuminates Platform” includes but not limited to the following features: Startups Ecosystem, Funds, Trades, Freelance Marketplace, E-commerce Marketplaces, Business Social Media, Illuminates API’s, ERP Modules.

What is your job and your responsibility?

My main responsibilities in “Illuminates” are Architecture Design, Features Development, Platform Integration with Ethereum Blockchain, Project Management, Team supervising and support.

Tell me about the most difficult aspect of the “Illuminates Platform” development?

The most challenging aspect in platform development was to explore and successfully implement Blockchain technologies that are new on Ukrainian market as well as gather the team of enthusiasts who are passionate about transforming the vision into a real profitable product.

What can you say about your workflow and team?

“Illuminates” team works in Scrum methodology and follows the best practices in software development. “Illuminates” has several teams who are involved into the project: Frontend Team (HTML, CSS, JS), Backend Team (Python) and Smart Contract Development Team (Solidity).

What is the relationship between employees and employer? What is the working atmosphere in the team?

The team mood and the working atmosphere is really comfortable in “Illuminates”. Everyone is ready to help, cooperative and do their best to achieve the great results.

What other projects besides “Illuminates Platform” did you do? Describe your coolest project that you are proud of?

Outside “Illuminates”, I have several outstanding projects I am proud of. One of the recent projects was to implement booking system for mobile massage service that included therapists profiles management, bookings management and various reports aggregation.

How do you educate yourself? Do you attend courses, conferences, watch webinars or read professional literature?

Also, as a part of continuous self-education, I participate in PHP- and Python-related conferences and workshops, masters my skills by attending various courses.

What motivation is more important for you — a good financial compensation or the ability to do what he likes, to improve the skills to work with the challenges?

The main motivators for me are opportunities to grow professionally, perform challenging tasks and be a part of the high-quality team of professionals.

What can you advice to novice developers? What is needed to get started?

The only advice I could give to people who are in the beginning of their professional way — be proactive, learn quickly and spend all free time for self-development.

Illuminates is a crypto-crowdfunding platform that specializes in developing and promoting startups since 2011, and since 2017 — ICO projects.

Illuminates is a crypto-crowdfunding platform that specializes in developing and promoting startups since 2011, and since 2017 — ICO projects.