The traditional concept of doing business, sales, advertising, logistics gradually fading. More and more users prefer to use electronic trading platforms instead of e-commerce sites and online stores. “Illuminates Platform” it’s a marketplace where offers all possibilities for trading without fraud and on profitable terms for retailer!

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What benefits “Illuminates Platform” can offer for products retailer and software products sellers

All users on the platform will have the opportunity to develop professional retailer reputation with using RelateFacts Technology which allow with 100% guarantee to assert what is fact and what is not. As as a result — a good retailer reputation helps to attract more customers. Besides low monthly payments for using platform marketplace retailers have the ability of creating product cards for free.

Also “Illuminates Platform” saves work time. Using the special generated smart contract instead of real person escrow allows to make the business decisions quickly. For the convenience of users, the choice of currency is also provided. Everyone can choose preferable fiat/cryptocurrency to work with.

If you are software sellers, you also have the opportunity to evaluate the advantages of the “Illuminates Platform”. In addition to using platform IT software marketplace for free and low commission platform from sale, the all sellers have the possibility of independent audits. All independent audits makes by Internal Auditor. This will allow to get a guaranteed quality mark about the product.

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