The founder of startup accelerator “Illuminates” Volodymyr Malyshkin is about to present a new technology RelateFacts, which will save online-business from fraud.

Illuminates took the first steps towards solving the problems of widespread distortion of facts and falsification of information in 2017. Developers took more than 2 years to implement knowledge and experience in RelateFacts technology.

MVP will be released at the end of April 2019, users from all over the world will be able to test a new product that provides unique opportunities for transparent interaction between all sides of the business.

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The technology is based on a new principle of event hashing, which will allow entering short identifiers of absolutely any objects and processes into the blockchain. In fact, by means of this set of hashes, the exact interaction and the result of such interaction of the system participants is recorded in the blockchain, thereby turning it into a register of documents in the form of smart contracts that cannot be forged, stolen or deleted.

The platform consists of six key areas:

  • Tool for creating a startup;
  • Freelance exchange;
  • Investment funds;
  • Tokens Trade Exchange;
  • Marketplace;
  • Social network for business community integration.

“In the modern world, it is quite difficult for an ordinary person to organize his own business, as they are trying to deceive you from all sides, undermining any opportunities for development, which leads to many good ideas never being translated into reality. We are creating a platform for honest business, in which all actions will be transparent and accessible, and illegal operations will lose economic expediency. ” — “Illuminates” CEO Volodymyr Malyshkin.

Information of any fraudulent transactions, such as falsifying documents and products, infringing copyright or creating fake news, remains forever in the database and cannot be changed. Violation of the terms of use of the platform entails a downgrade of the member’s rating, up to and including account lockout. Thus, each RelateFacts user can select for himself the work of partners with a proven reputation, the reliability of which is beyond doubt.

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