Dear Illuminates Community!

We want to announce that the “Illuminates” project is turning away from crypto startups focusing since we have a real opportunity to enter the global business relations market through the RelateFacts technology now. We apologize for the delay in the crowdfunding campaign starting. We also believe that you understand that our main goal is a guaranteed technology launching and that we are responsible for everyone who has contributed to the implementation of this process.

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On the eve of the New Year holidays, we would like to announce the start of tokens distribution to our most active community members. Soon, the guys who helped us in the project development, especially video bloggers who made Illuminates reviews, team members who worked for tokens payment (PR specialists, SMM managers and community managers) will be the first one who will receive LUM tokens. For anyone who joins the team of active “Illuminates” followers, we will continue to hold a similar early tokens distribution. To determine the terms of tokens distribution for the rest of the participants we want to say that the reward will be credited as soon as we conclude the seed-round equity-sale. …

Using Relatefacts technology will create a huge infrastructure for safe and uninterrupted exchange of health data between clinics, doctors and patients. The adoption of a new technology based on the blockchain will give healthcare organizations strong economic advantages, security and a completely new speed of work; a patient will provide a new, previously inaccessible ownership level, security and control of their personal and medical data.

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Medicines Supply Chain Tracking from manufacturing till final patient

The problem of counterfeiting medicines is gaining new dimensions every year. The American journal Tropical Medicine and Hygiene notes that income levels of up to 10% of all drugs distributed through the local economy are $ 10–200 billion per year. …

The need for the services of accounting firms arises, first of all, for recognition in the international financial markets, attracting investments, obtaining large loans and directly for increasing the image of companies. Organizations that provide regular audit reports quickly gain investors loyalty. But what about startups and developing companies that currently do not yet have a sufficient budget for the audit? In addition, regular audits inhibit many processes, which affects the overall performance of the company.

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Why is it profitable to use Relatefacts solutions?

If all main business processes of the company are fixed on the blockchain, which means that all information about the activities of the company cannot be changed, deleted or backdated. The main advantage of using Relatefacts solutions is that there is no need to hire third parties who independently verify the relevant information. By using Relatefacts technology to perform daily business relations and activities (as sales, partnerships, orders, hiring, other spendings and earnings, etc) tasks and turning to the data storage in the blockchain, each company can independently prepare such report without being distracted from the main business processes, while saving time and money. Of course, it cannot completely replace an independent assessment, but at least it will reduce the frequency of uncomfortable and expensive offline audits. …

The Illuminates platform will restore order in the real estate market, make it transparent and with secure transactions. Using Relatefacts technology, each user will be able to have access to real data, reviews about objects, sellers, buyers, owners and tenants. Moreover, the platform will massively simplify the decision making process of renting real estate for sellers and buyers, they will be able to directly make transactions on mutually beneficial conditions. In turn, it will help to reduce the number of intermediaries, and the commissions for their services.

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How to solve real estate problems with Illuminates

We can view at simple examples and the main problems associated with rental housing, which the Relatefacts technology and Illuminates platform as one of a platforms its using can be solved. …

On the Illuminates platform is planned to issue 100,000,000.00 tokens, the classification of which will look like this:

  • Advisers 1.00% — 1,000,000.00 tokens
  • Bounty 2.00% — 2,000,000.00 tokens
  • Team 15.00% — 15,000,000.00 tokens
  • Crowdsale 82.00% — 82,000,000.00 tokens
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The total number of tokens allocated to crowdsale are 82,000,000.00. The crowdsale will consist of 3 rounds, with each subsequent round the price of the token will increase.

Round 1. Total: 6.00% — 4,920,000.00 tokens


Stage 1: 675,000 tokens. Early investors have the opportunity to receive a bonus along with the purchase of tokens. …

One of the possibilities of blockchain technology is the safe storage of digital assets (stocks / tokens / coins). What happen with assets when a person die, and access to the e-wallets was exclusively on their owners? Is it possible to access digital capital after the death of the owner? Due to the lack of appropriate technologies and regulation, many digital assets, money and other valuable resources are simply lost.

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Investors have opportunity to transfer crypto assets by inheritance, but it is necessary to think about it previously. Therefore, you can indicate the address of the cryptocurrency wallet in the will and transfer part of the private keys to lawyers or share access to the crypto wallet with a trustee. …

First of all, Illuminates Platform users can purchase tokens on presale. Presale is a token sale, which is carried out before the official start of sales. Users invested in a presale startup get a special bonus of 200%. Details on the features of the presale can be found here. You can join the sales via whitelisting. For this purpose, click on the “Buy tokens” button on the official website.

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The Illuminates Platform team is open to cooperation with talented specialists (developers, community managers, SMM managers, web designers, etc.). Working on the platform remotely employees will be able to receive LUM tokens as a salary. …

Venture Capital is financing given, most of all, to startup companies that have the potential to break out. Such investments sometimes considering as risky but in tradeoff it could guarantee above-average returns. Here we are introducing the Illuminates calculations that shows how the Illuminates equity sale will become extremely valuable investment opportunity venture investment opportunity.

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What is equity sale

Equity sale is the process of selling securities, giving its owner the right to the ownership stake in the company. Equity is generally found in all forms of the business like proprietorship, partnership or corporations The primary purpose of buying equities is to earn a profit by long-term investing. …

Dearest Illuminates community, today we want to explain how to participate in the Illuminates Presale with an easy step-by-step guide. Remind you that the Presale starts on September 2nd.

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Illuminates Token Presale Overview

Illuminat (LUM) is a custom token, that serves to operate Illuminates platform. We use the tokens based on the ERC-20 standard and Ethereum blockchain, that’s guaranteed to work properly in the ecosystem. ERC-20 standard ensures the token meets the security requirements that are common in the industry.

Token details

  • Token name: Illuminat token.
  • Token decimals: 18.
  • Token symbol: LUM.
  • Token standard: ERC 20.
  • Token smart contraсt address…

Attention everyone! The terms of Illuminates Presale are slightly updated:

  • Start Of The Presale: September 1, 2019.
  • End Of The Presale: September 30, 2019.
  • Soft cap -> 50 ETH.
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Also we updated “Illuminates” smart contract work:

  • Early investors can send ETH on this contract from September 1.
  • If the soft cap will be gathered until the 15th of September, the smart contract wouldn’t accept new investments and distribute tokens at the first day of presale;
  • If the soft cap wouldn’t be gathered until 15th of September, there will be 15 days. …


Illuminates Official

Illuminates is a crypto-crowdfunding platform that specializes in developing and promoting startups since 2011, and since 2017 — ICO projects.

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