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This is an archived discussion that explains the key facts about the Bavarian Illuminati. One of the participants translated Philo’s Reply To Questions Concerning His Association With the Illuminati, the best primary source on understanding the grand philosophical vision and history of the Illuminati.


January 2013:

Late-eighteenth-century New England was a land ripe for paranoia. Since the fall of the Bastille in 1789, Americans had watched in wonder and then horror as the French Revolution, with its call for a “reign of reason” — fraternity, liberty, and equality — had given way to the Reign of Terror. …

Written by Yaa’kov Ort, editor of and former NY Times Executive, with Kobi Abravanel and Jeanette de Abravanel, Tel Aviv.

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42G — Icarus Morning. Ritz-Carlton Residences, Los Angeles

Several years ago, an organization called the Sacred Order of Ormus in Tel Aviv published these two essays. They also referred to themselves as the Sacred Order of the Nephilim. It was run by credible people, including those from a family with a 700-year history. One likely member was Larry Ellison.

The Sacred Order of Ormus is a mythical society throughout history (1, 2).

This philosophy below echos ideas of Lurianic Kabbalah.


While the empirical and rational proofs of our traditions must be left for later, we will rely for now on your own subjective appreciation of any of our statements. If your creative intuition tells you that what we are saying might perhaps be true, then we ask you to bear and remain with us. If not, feel free to depart from the group with the certain knowledge that we meant you no harm. For now, explaining our traditions of who we are, and why we are here, is the purpose of these posts.


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