Behind the scenes of making the “Real Pie Chart”

Hi there! We are Kompany. We visualize data, build interfaces, and maintain a Telegram channel on the topic. This summer we had the pleasure of working on the very fun “Real Pie Chart” project for the amazing team from Stamen. Below I’ll tell the story of making it and share some takeaways to help other designers who work in small teams.


The Stamen team eats a pie or two every week. They call it “Pie Day Friday” and have carefully collected data about every pie eaten for more than a year. We were granted access to their Google spreadsheet containing…

My colleague sent me a link to a local datavis contest. Participants were supposed to figure out how to split russia into square tiles to make boxed visualizations. Like this one made for America:

All tiles are the same size. It’s easy to compare them, but it is more difficult to make a such map for Russia, because all subjects come in different sizes:

Ivan Dianov

Data visualization and user interface designer

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