How can Google Analytics help in free website analysis?

Google, the leading search engine, offers free website analysis tool called Google Analytics. You need web statistics to determine who is visiting your website, how often they are visiting and what they are searching for. In order to know how your website is performing, you need to use the website analysis tool which can be availed for free. Now, there is no need to spend even a single dollar or cent to avail the benefit of the tool. The tool is absolutely free and is offered by Google.

Using Google Analysis

To use Google Analytics for website analysis, you just need to be the owner of Google account. After you have registered for free, you can add new profile and new website to the site. In fact, if you have multiple sites, you may include many profiles. After you add a site, you get access to code snippet. Just Copy and Paste the code to your webpage. Since it is the tracking code, you need to do things correctly. Make sure Google Analytics receive data from your site. Just after the installation of the code, you need not do anything much. The tool will track the stats and let you know how the site is performing in real time.

Data revealed through Google Analytics

By utilizing the tool for free website audit, you will get to know the following:

· The traffic source or from where the visitors are coming in will be determined.

· The set of keywords which bring to you maximum traffic will also be known

· You will also know about the conversion rates.

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