Philosophy 2 — entropians

I have found out that I tend to produce my best work when I’m making something for someone. An act of love, I suppose. A way to channel my emotions into creation. But this is messy and unpredictable. Not to mention the high probability of turning your life into a mess.

But what if I want to CREATE without having a mess in my life. You’d want some sort of safe source of emotion. Religion comes to mind. But that’s … difficult. Let’s figure something out.

Entropy. Entropy is a nice concept. A sort of semi-mystical fact of life. A physical truth that’s more of an abstract concept than something that you can point to and disparage. And it’ll be around. Oh, it’ll be around.

Entropy will dissolve the last echoes of the last thoughts of the last deities. Entropy will dissolve the very concept of entropy. Entropy will outlast time.

And entropy is not a destructive force. In fact, it’s the primary creative force in the universe. To create order in a system, you need to increase the amount of entropy outside the system. Otherwise you’d be reducing total entropy, and that would require travelling backwards in time. To maximize order, to maximize creation, you need to maximize entropy.

Of course, the end result is a featureless, timeless void. But you’ll have a helluva time getting there!

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