Build + Launch Your Next Landing Page With Tweak

Hey there! I am glad today to (re)-introduce a landing page builder tool I have been working on called Tweak.

I know you must be thinking not another page builder! Hold on a sec, Tweak differs from most page builders as it’s a browser extension that allows you to create, edit and publish your page with a click of the extension.

Start editing your page with a click

I originally started Tweak to address problems I faced when I was in a need for a landing page, you can find that post bellow.

I have been busy the last two months with my studies as well as working on Tweak when ever I had time (which wasn’t a lot of time to be honest!). Creating a side project while working part time and studying is another subject to it self that I will (hopefully) write one day about.

So what’s new on Tweak?

Start from a Template

To start creating your landing page simple choose a template you want to start from. A node server is no longer needed to run the templates (for those of you who used the earlier version).

Start from a template

No HTML or CSS skills? No problem

The main thing I noticed is that most people who used the initial version of Tweak were people with no coding background. So this one is for you guys 😇.

Each Tweak element is fully customisable through the editor. Each element has editable attributes that are associated with their type.

No HTML or CSS skills necessary

And if that is not enough you can still use CSS!

But if you have CSS knowledge you can use that as well


Ever wanted a cool reveal animation on your landing page? Or a neat typing effect on your page intro? Now you can easily with Tweak integrations! Each Tweak template comes with integrations. Integrations are extended features that allow you do do more with Tweak. Stay tuned for some awesome templates with more integrations!

Animate.css and Waypoints integration

Pay once per published page

Why should you have to pay $18 a month if all you need is one landing page? I agree! With Tweak you only pay $20/year per published page! So no recurring monthly fees 😎. Need unlimited pages to publish? Upgrade to Tweak Premium for $18/a month.

Publish with a click

Custom domains

When publishing a page for the first time Tweak generates a random domain name for the page. To use your own domain simply click on the custom domain button and set it to your desired domain name. In your domain provider add a CNAME record that points to

Set up your own domain

Get Tweak Beta now from here.

As a final note I wanted to mention how I was truly humbled by the reception that Tweak got. The initial version was a quick hack I put together for my own needs which is why it was more aimed for web developers. This new one is user friendlier and should make building and launching a landing page easier than ever!

P.S. For now every user in Tweak gets one published page for free, this might change at any time so act quickly to get yours 😉.

Oh yeah if you are this far would appreciate a 💚 if it’s no biggie!