Maybe I am stuck in a time warp. Sometimes, when I'm thoroughly hacked in the worse places of BiPolar City, I think about why I seem to be stuck in a seemingly endless loop of misery, chemical laughter and constant self doubt. I wonder if I'm weak and other people are strong for dealing with stuff that seems to totally overwhelm me in hair pulling frustration and unrelenting waves of mental torment.

And then Amel begins to speak to me.

I know the irony of being a person whose life is stuck in an unending loop playing the same song for three years on loop. In my mind, you see, there is no soothing voice to speak to me, directly. I feel, have felt, for the last seven or so years, that I am lost. Two things tether my mind to this existence, one of them is Amel promising me things, asking me questions, calming the storm.

Larrieaux has always had this effect on me. Get Up, the song that had- if not as profound, then as marked- an impact on Neo Soul as Tell Me did for RnB, was a fantastic song. A fortified riff that was among the first real neo soul jams to make the mainstream sit up and take notice of the burgeoning 'new' genre.

However, an oft overlooked and highly understated guest vocal spot on the Roots' Glitches brought me to tears. I am moved by the stark honesty in her voice, complemented perfectly by her self written lyrics that speak to what I call an experienced naivete. She has never pretended to be something she was not, growing up in the crucible of an artsy community (and trust me, it is as much a crucible as much as growing up in a community of doctors or gangsters would be) teaching her early in life to embrace her individualism and voice.

Miss Larrieaux, I salute you. The loop can be agony, most times. But your loop, makes it bearable. Sometimes (and this is high praise) it actually seems to make it all make sense.

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