BitMari Crowdfunding Campaign connects Technology and Agriculture to Empower Women

Farmers may slip people’s minds when it comes to those with vital jobs in societies, but they are among the most important figures in communities throughout the world. Increasingly, women have emerged as some of the most knowledgeable and skillful farmers out there, especially in Zimbabwe a country that was once considered the “Bread basket of Africa”.

Why is this important? During Zimbabwe’s period of land redistribution, 4,500 European owned farms (more than a quarter of the country) were handed over to 245,000 Black farmers. Some believe that Zimbabwe experienced a sharp decline in farm production due to the “fact” that “many of these ‘farmers’ had no experience or training in farming.” Others contend that failure was pre-destined because Black farmers lacked the resources necessary to be successful.

Additionally, due to El Nino, southern African nations, including Zimbabwe, have suffered a deterioration in crop production over the past eight months. The nation of Zimbabwe has the farmers and land needed to produce enough crops to alleviate food shortages and get the suffering economy back on track. Alas, many do not have access to the funds needed to successfully produce those crops at scale. That’s where you come in. BitMari is looking to raise $20,000 to support three farms that were selected from our first Agritech Accelerator cohort. These entrepreneurs have the unique opportunity to participate in our Solar Modernization project which will help jumpstart their farming enterprises.

Before the land distribution, less than 5% of Zimbabwean landowners/leaseholders were women. Afterwards, that number has risen to 20%. To empower these women and encourage more to pursue land ownership and entrepreneurship, blockchain-based financial solution start-up, BitMari, launched the BitMari Agritech Accelerator in partnership with the Women Farmers Land and Agricultural Trust in 2016.

A donation to this cause will go a long way in not only helping supply Zimbabwe with necessary foods for consumption, it will also help to revive the nation’s economy and boost the agricultural careers of capable, savvy female farmers. Please join us in this necessary campaign to help our sisters in Zimbabwe and improve the nation from deterioration.

Donations for this campaign can be made at: Support Zimbabwe Women Farmers

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