Does Flat Tummy Tea Work? The Truth About This ‘So-Called’ Belly Fat Teatox


Nowadays there are so many herbal products, teas and dietary supplements that are promising to reduce fat from the most problematic area of our body — the tummy pooch that hangs over our pants and is a constant source of embarrassment for almost all of us!

So many products and supplements promise to reduce tummy fat so easily that weight loss seems too good to be true!

The latest of these products is Flat Tummy Tea. This tea however is dominating all the social media networks as most of the major celebs are endorsing it.

For example: here’s a pic of the Famous Kloe Kardashion Endorsing it:


So the question which arise is: does Flat Tummy Tea really work and these celebs claim?

Let’s Take A Closer Look At The Flat Tummy Tea Detox


Flat Tummy Tea is an herbal detox and cleansing tea that promises to activate your metabolism boosters, cleanses your digestive tract, reduce bloating and boost energy which will eventually lead to the flat tummy we all dream of.

By consuming the two types of tea daily, you can get rid of bloated stomach, boost your energy levels and even drop some inches from your waistline.

The Package Comes With Two Packet:

The ‘Activate’ And The ‘Cleanse’

One must take the activate tea in the morning with breakfast and the cleanse tea every other night before bed time to enable a slimmer appearance.

And like many other similar products to be found online, the manufacturers guarantee that it is 100% herbal and natural, comprised of mostly the following ingredients:

· Activate Tea: Taraxacum leaf and root, Galium aparine, Camellia Sinensis, Cardamom, Glycyrrhiza, Glabra, Mentha, Piperita, Carum Carvi, Disambiguation, Melissa Officinalis, Foeniculum Vulgare.
· Cleanse Tea: Senna Alexandrina pods and leaf, Taraxacum root, Mentha x Piperita, Carum Carvi, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Rheum Rhabarbarum

Here’s An Infographic On How To Take The Flat Tummy Tea


According to the Flat Tummy Tea reviews posted online state that the tea tastes pretty good, despite comprising of never-heard of hard-to-pronounce ingredients.

In addition, it is quite expensive as well: a 2 week pack costs $ 32 while a 4 week pack is for $46; customers outside the United States and Australia will have to pay an additional $ 7.95 for shipping.

However, based on reviews from thousands of apparently happy customers on social media across the world, there is reason to believe it works.

Flat Tummy Tea does not specify if consumption has any direct effect on weight loss and whether it can improve health. Nevertheless, some of the compounds listed above — such as senna — are traditionally known for cleansing the body and reduce bloating.

Also, tea cleanses in general can help in reducing fat throughout your body, including those that are abundantly available in nature and our kitchens such as mint and ginger teas.

However, any time a person begins to eat healthy, drink any kind of herbal teas, exercise, and in short, adopt a healthy lifestyle, he or she will most definitely see positive results in their body.

While there is no harm in trying out natural and herbal remedies as traditional wisdom provides, you cannot aspire to achieve a flat tummy overnight!

Even though we live busy lives where one hardly has any time for self-care and therefore must rely on quick solutions, when it comes to health and weight loss, I strongly believe there are absolutely no shortcuts; only consistency, hard work and discipline can enable one to get rid of body fat permanently.