How is technology interfering with people’s relationships with their families?

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Isaiah: “Bro am I the only person that gets yelled at for using their phones during family dinner?”

Jordan: “I cannot get yelled at for using my phone because I don’t have family dinner, I eat at my own time.”

Isaiah: “I’m talking about thanksgiving and stuff like that. I eat on my own time too that’s why I’m so used to being on my phone while I’m eating but during thanksgiving dinner I have to put my phone away.”

Jordan: “For me, my family don’t really care that much.”

Isaiah: “But at the end of the day it’s interfering with family time. Even though it might not seem that important it might slowly ruin a relationship without you even knowing. For example say if you had a sibling and when y’all were younger y’all always used to talk but once y’all both got phones y’all didn’t talk as much. You might not see it as a problem right now but it could possibly affect you guys relationship in the long run. What do you think?”

Jordan: “I agree with that statement, not only with your siblings but also with your parents. Technology, such as video games is causing a divide between you and your family. Like for instance, when I’m on discord and playing PS4 I rarely ever talk to my parents or my siblings.”

Isaiah: “Yeah, for me personally when I’m playing PS4 my mother gets frustrated because I would be on the phone with someone at the same time. I would talk to that person on the phone more than I talk to my mom. My gaming system sparks better and more interesting conversations with my friends compared to the ones that I can hold with the rest of my family.”

Jordan: “I feel you bro it’s the same thing with me sometimes.”

Isaiah: “Yeah”

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