Summer Dog Grooming Tips

You know that the dog days of summer are approaching when your “fur kids” start showing signs of discomfort in the heat. Panting and lethargy are both signs that dogs are overheated, and this can quickly turn into a serious medical problem.

Although the most important step in keeping your dogs cool this summer is to keep them hydrated and out of the sun, proper dog grooming also plays a role in keeping dogs comfortable during the summer. Plus, not only does grooming help keep pets cool, but it also removes allergens and pests that can cause discomfort to you and your dogs.

This summer, try these tips for keeping your dog clean and happy.

Think twice before shearing your dog’s coat.

When you see your dog panting in the hot weather, it’s tempting to consider shearing her coat in order to help her cool off. But is that really the best way to keep your dog cool? Many experts actually advise against shearing a dog’s coat in the summer, especially for breeds that grow double coats. A clean coat can actually help protect a dog against summer heat, especially if the coat is kept clean and detangled. Before shearing your dog’s coat, it’s a good idea to research your dog’s breed and ask your vet or groomer about whether shearing could be a good option for your dog. If you’re really set on the idea of shaving some of that fur off, consider the less drastic option of just shaving your dog’s tummy. A shaved tummy will hardly show, so your dog’s appearance will remain substantially the same as their regular look. (Dogs that get completely shaved often end up looking like completely different animals.) The advantage of having a shaved tummy is that your pup can then lay down on a cool tile floor or in cool grass and feel the coolness on their belly. This helps them feel cooler without a dramatic change in their looks.

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